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Starbucks Valencia Orange Refreshers - Via Ready BrewAs of June 25th, Starbucks began offering a new Refreshers Via Ready Brew – it is the Valencia Orange Refreshers Via.  There is a handcrafted version of the same in Starbucks stores.  I assume it will be popular!  I am not home in Seattle at the moment, and haven’t actually had the chance to try the Via version, but I do like the handcrafted Valencia Orange Refreshers.

For those readers not familiar with “Via Ready Brew,”  those are the little sachets with a powder in them.  You add water at home to make your wonderful Refreshers.  The “handcrafted” Refreshers are those that your baristas make for you at your neighborhood Starbucks stores.

Currently, there are three flavors of the handcrafted Refreshers:  Cool Lime, Very Berry Hibiscus, and Valencia Orange.  You can order any of those three flavors at your neighborhood Starbucks store.  If you want to try these handcrafted beverages, you can buy them for half price June 27 through June 29, from 3:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m.

There are four flavors of the Refreshers Via Ready Brew:  You can find the new Valencia Orange in Starbucks stores.  Also, in Starbucks stores everywhere are the Cool Lime Refreshers and Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers.  Starbucks also produces a Strawberry Lemonade Refreshers Via Ready Brew, but it is considered a “CPG” (“Consumer Packaged Goods”)  item only, meaning that you’ll only find it in grocery stores, and not at your local Starbucks.  (The Strawberry Lemonade Refreshers are a bit hard to find.  I’m not sure if it is being phased out, but it is really good.  If you can find it, give it a try!)

The hallmark of all the Refreshers is that they have a green coffee extract in them, meaning that the Refreshers have a little caffeine in them – it’s just a little bit more caffeine than if you were ordering an iced black tea at Starbucks.  They are nice cold, refreshing drink for a hot summer day!

Enjoy Refreshers Happy Hour starting tomorrow!  That’s June 27th through the 29th, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., at participating Starbucks.

Valencia Orange Via Ready Brew

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Today (July 10th)  is the day that Starbucks Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers make their national launch.  They’re available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and I’ve heard that they will appear in Japan a little later this month.  (I am not positive about that information for Japan.)  Some of the international markets are calling this product
“Refreshas.”  There may be more places they’re coming.

I like these.  They’re new.  They’re delicious.  I can’t get enough of these.  I am totally serious:  I like that it is light and flavorful and so cold and delicious.  I can’t really decide which is my favorite.  I really like the Very Berry Hibiscus Via Ready Brew Refresher, but as to the hand-crafted version, perhaps the Cool Lime wins out.  Ask me again in a week, and I might have a different answer.  When it comes to cold and delicious beverages, I usually don’t want something as heavy as a Frappuccino, and something like an iced latte can be delicious but milk-based beverages are just so filling.  And I like the iced teas, but I want a change of pace.  This is it.

I hope you like them too.  This is the big day that they are launched everywhere, so I want to know how people like them, and how is it going in the stores?  I know that partners will be doing a lot of sampling of these drinks during the peak hours of the day.  There is a rumor that stores will give away a very limited number of 50% off coupons for the Via Ready Brew version of the Refreshers.

By the way, the partners will be wearing snazzy Refreshers t-shirts!


I stopped by Starbucks at the end of the day, on my way home from work.  I caught up with Emily, the barista whom I’ve recently written about in the article on the 5th and Columbia Starbucks,  and she showed me that she had made Refreshers earrings to wear, and extra earrings and pins for her store’s partners!

I have to say, I love all the passion that Emily pours into her work.  Three years after I met her, she’s still pouring her heart into Starbucks.  It sounds like a cliche to say that, but it’s true, and it’s important.  It really does not matter if you are an attorney, or if you’re a barista, or what your job is … have some passion for what you do!

So how is your local Starbucks’ big Refreshers launch day going? Which Refresher is your favorite?  How do you like them?

Don’t forget to stop by Starbucks on Friday, July 13, 2012, from noon to 3:00 p.m. for a free tall handcrafted Refresher!



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Starbucks will be launching Via Ready Brew Refreshers soon!  They arrive in stores on July 10, 2012, and will be available in two flavors: Hibiscus Berry and Cool Lime.

As you probably already know, these are the same two flavors as the fresh, handcrafted version of the Refreshers, which will be also launching on July 10, 2012. In other words, both the fresh in-store handcrafted Refreshers, and the Via Ready Brew versions launch on July 10th.

This may seem a little confusing, so just to be clear, soon there will be three versions of Refreshers available:

  1. Handcrafted Refreshers in Starbucks stores – launching July 10, 2012. (Hibiscus Berry and Cool Lime flavors) (Available in the U.S., Canada, and the UK, Ireland, Germany, and possibly other markets.)
  2. Via Ready Brew Refreshers – launching July 10, 2012. (Hibiscus Berry and Cool Lime flavors) (Available in the U.S., as I understand it.)
  3. Ready-to-drink canned Refreshers – already available in grocery stores, and in the RTD case at Starbucks stores. (Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Melon, and Raspberry Pomegranate flavors)  (Canned Refreshers are available only the U.S.)

By the way, as I talked to partners and tweeted with them about which markets had which versions of the Refreshers, I heard conflicting answers, so please do correct me if I’ve got it wrong! Thank you!  Interestingly, the German market is calling these “Refreshas.”

I have had the fresh Refreshers many times, and always thoroughly enjoyed them.  I prefer the handcrafted flavors over the canned drinks, and I think I like the lime flavor the best, but it is a tough call.

The hallmark of the Refreshers beverages – whether the canned Ready to Drink version, the handcrafted version, or the Via Ready Brew Refreshers – is that the boost of caffeine comes from a green coffee extract.

I’ve heard that Friday July 13, 2012, there will be a big Refreshers sampling event:  Starbucks will be giving away the “tall” size for free, if you want to try one, however it is strictly between the hours of noon to three, as I understand it.

By the way, when I tried these in Orange County, California last year, I discovered that you could even order the Trenta size of the freshly made handcrafted Refreshers!  That’s a lot of Refreshers!  I am genuinely looking forward to these new drinks.  It brings a whole new category to the menu, and really offers something unique and light for a hot summer day.  At least when I tried them, the Refreshers always struck me as having something a little more substantial than an iced tea, but lighter than drinking a juice – that’s just my opinion obviously.  In any case, it’s nice to have a whole new category of cold beverages!

If you’ve tried these, please weigh in on whether you like them!  Feel free to weigh in on Refresher-related conversation.

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It’s been a long time coming, but the Starbucks Refreshers in a can are now hitting grocery stores everywhere in the United States.  Just as a short recap, Starbucks tested a fresh version of Refreshers in stores in Arizona and California.  The barista-made versions of Refreshers came in two flavors:  Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime.  I still prefer the barista-made in-store versions  a little more than the canned versions, but the canned versions are absolutely delicious too.  I mean that!  They really are very refreshing!

The grocery store version comes in three flavors:  Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Melon, and Raspberry Pomegranate.  Starbucks has an official website for the national launch of these, and you can download a coupon from the website too:

When I first heard that Refreshers had been spotted in Seattle, I was pretty giddy.  It feels like I have been waiting for a long time for this to happen. Last July, I wrote about canned Refreshers in Arizona in this blog post here.  One thing that is interesting about that blog post is that you can compare how the design of the Refreshers can has changed.  From what I can tell, the product has not changed, just the design of the can.  It is still a bubbly energy drink that tastes like a cross between a tea and a juice.  However, the extremely unique thing about the Refreshers is that it is made with a green coffee extract.  So at least technically, it is a ‘coffee’ beverage; however, there is absolutely zero coffee flavor in these beverages.

Here in Seattle, I’ve only found the Refreshers in a limited number of Safeway stores.  By the way, I do not think these drinks are intuitively placed in the stores.  They’re hard to find!  Both times I looked for them, I first went straight to the aisle with lots of bottled and can beverages.  This is not where I’ve found them.  They were placed in the deli area of Safeway, on a separate display.  Also, I noticed that there is only a warm display of them, and apparently no way to buy a cold can in the store.  I definitely recommend that you look for these, though I am giving the heads up that they might be a little difficult to find.  Last but not least, I think the price of each can is a bit steep.  Safeway has them for $2.39 each, and there does not appear to be any four-pack price.  Just in case you have an Albertson’s near you, one partner told me that she found Refreshers at her neighborhood Albertson’s.

They are delicious!  My favorite is the Raspberry Pomegranate, but the Orange Melon is a close second.  What do you think of them?  Have you tried them?


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