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IMAG0549 Tales of the Siren books - leaning up against a Verismo 29Jun14Join the StarbucksMelody “Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody” street team.

As part of the street team, you may be asked to distribute Tales of the Siren bookmarks, books, or other items to Starbucks stores. I realize this is a big task. I may ask you to periodically share a photo or link. You may be asked to join in discussions regarding the book.

In order to join the Tales of the Siren street team, you must be over 18 and live in the United States. (If you’re in Canada, you can join but please be extra patient with slower mail delivery). If you can see  this Facebook group, you’re on the street team.

I would hope that you’ve read the book: Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody

As a thank you for being on the Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody street team, you may receive things like Starbucks gift cards, gift cards, an autographed book, other autographed related items such as a Tales of the Siren bookmark.

I’m hoping to find people in a variety of cities, hopefully in areas dense with Starbucks stores.

Hope to see you on the Tales of the Siren street team.



  1. Lynn

    Ok I’m signing up for active duty
    On the street team?

  2. Melody

    @Lynn – What happens when you click on the link that says Facebook group? Yes, I’m going to put you in the group – absolutely – but I’m trying to work through the kinks. Thank you for your patience!

  3. Missye Elder

    I AM IN!

  4. Korlithiel

    I am interested. I’ll be living in Salem, OR as of the 10th and able to help starting about the 12th and I will definitely be making the rounds to the nearest Starbucks when I can.

  5. Melody

    Hi Korlithiel – Do you have a Facebook profile? It looks like that in order for me to put people in that secret street team FB group, I need to invite people by email. I’m assuming you do have a FB profile, because I think I’ve seen you click like on things at (and that’s very appreciated!)

    Right now, I’m only asking people to click “like” on this status update, and to sign (or share) the petition.

    I’m working on getting promotion bookmarks made for the book. I’ll be asking people to help distribute those.

    Eventually there will be a few more things involving liking and sharing.

    And you’ll be rewarded with gift cards and my eternal gratitude! I mean it!

    This is in the earliest stages so please be patient!

    Thank you!

  6. Michelle perry

    I am so in!!

  7. IzzyJ

    Count me in! I can’t make the link work, but I would love to help out!

  8. Korlithiel

    Melody, while thinking about the book I recently bought the ebook (in addition to my paperback copy) and have found that chapter 39 is part of chapter 38 in it. It’s a minor editing issue, but something I would appreciate you fixing if you ever release an update for it.

  9. Rebecca

    I’d love to help!

  10. Megan C.

    Count me in! I don’t know if you have any other Chicagoans participating yet, but I frequent multiple Starbucks and I have no problem walking around the loop in the city for any distribution!

  11. Laily Haikal

    Melody, it says content currently unavailable. Invite me?

  12. Devin

    I’d love to be able to help if possible! 🙂

  13. denise r

    I feel like I’ve been in all along….but if not, “I’m in”. Good luck! (more of Chicago….. 😉

  14. Melody

    To anyone:

    If you’re not able to see this group, you’re not in the street team yet:

    I’m looking for people who are willing and able to do the following: Click “like” on things now and then, share things, distribute books or bookmarks. I’m hoping you’ll talk the book up!

    And I’m hoping you have read the book and loved it.

    The first two projects are this:
    Click like on this:


    to sign and share this:

    All of this is going to move slowly! Some of it is just the logistics of me waiting on more books to arrive to me and I’m working on getting bookmarks made.

    I definitely appreciate all that you’re doing. I’ll try to send gift cards or autographed goodies, or possible you’ll get access to bonus stories.

    Since there’s a lot of mailing of things that could happen, it’s easiest for me if you are in the United States. I won’t totally object to someone from Canada being interested in this street team, but it’s slower for me to get mail to Canada because I actually have to go to the post office – there’s no way to use a self-service machine after hours. So if you want to join, and you’re in Canada, I’m just asking that you be extra patient with mail.

    Thank you to everyone who is interested!

    1. Yuki

      Hi Melody, if you’re looking for someone in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I can be of assistance. I’m active all around the greater Toronto area. Good luck with the ongoing recruit!

  15. Cheryl F

    Hi Melody – I am in too. I am in Toronto, Canada 🙂 I understand things might be delayed a bit – no problem at all 🙂

  16. IzzyJ

    Link won’t work for me. Guess I am not on the street team yet. No worries–happy to do what I can for you & the book.

  17. Diann Pryor

    I would love to join! I am in the San Antonio area, tried to click but says unavailable.

  18. Korlithiel

    I’m still really hoping to join the team as I really enjoyed the book, been following things relatively closely since then and liked, voted for, and shared the above as well as even picked up an ebook copy for my Kindle. Even if I don’t make it I wish you the best of luck getting the book chosen as the pick of the week.

  19. Melody

    Thank you to everyone above. I want anyone and everyone to know, that even if I don’t put you on the street team, it’s NOT personal. I appreciate the support! Part of what I’m trying to do is get a few people in a variety of geographic areas. And I’m still looking for a few people too. I’m kind of hoping to find a few individuals in a variety of cities where they’ll have a number of Starbucks stores nearby. Please, please, please, know that if I haven’t added you to the street team, it’s not you, and I’m still very thankful you read the book and enjoyed it!!

  20. Megan C.

    Are there certain cities you are trying to find people in still?

  21. Katherine

    if you ever want that to go international, let me know…

  22. Jen

    I’d love to join the street team if you still need people in Seattle!!

  23. Emanuel Levy

    I would like to join the street team. I am in in Ocean County NJ and would cover any place in NJ and parts of Ny/Pa

  24. George

    Hi Melody ,
    Reading thought this I learned that I had to be 18 or older 🙁 I was bummed. But this is a really great idea and I hope and wish the best for the book, if you need anyone in northeast Ohio area me and my parents are here to help ! I have shared your book with so many people via – twitter Facebook – blog , instagram , and personally to close friends and family, I do hope to get some copys to my local Baristas as gifts. Thank you for writing the book that got me to read something 😉 . I will continue to share and share tales of the siren ♥

  25. Jazmine Aiono

    I would love to join! I am in Los Angeles, CA! Beautiful page!

  26. Coolwatyr

    I would love to join!

    I leave for the North Shore area of MA on the 6th.. I’ll be there a month. Back to AZ for 3 weeks then to Aurora, CO for a month.

    If any of those places are on your wish list. I’ll be in airports as well ; )

  27. Gail Pettigrew

    I am in. This is so exciting .

  28. Robert Watanabe

    Hey i joined/liked ur page I hope that i can help hide some books for you this seems like a great thing that you are doing and I’m really excited thanks

  29. Cyn

    I see you’re open to accepting Canadians provided we understand the slowish mail. Count me in! Whew! 🙂 I’m hoping to catch another early glimpse of the holiday treats again this fall.

  30. Mina

    I would LOVE to join the Street Team. I am from Long Island, NY. I enjoy your site Melody and read it every day. How can I help?

  31. Kimberly Cates

    I very much enjoyed your visit to my store in Nampa. I’ve been reading the book you left for me and am loving it. I would love to join your street team if there is still room. I travel several times each year to fun places in Alaska, Hawaii and the east coast and think it would be fun to share your book with the stores I visit on my trips! I wish I had thought about it while you were in Idaho, I’d love to post a picture of us on my store instagram. Maybe the next time you come to Idaho….

  32. Amy C

    Hi Melody,

    Would love to be a part of your team if you are still looking. I’m in Canada, living in the city of Calgary, which is in the province of Alberta (just north of Montana).

    We have around 50 Starbucks locations and I frequent a good number of these locations.

    I also travel frequently to another province in Canada. So you have potential disposal of 2 provinces. If you still looking, I’m all in 🙂

    PS. Liked the Post to ELLEN. But petition is not available. Maybe discontinued?

  33. Dani

    Hi Melody! I’m from Vancouver, Canada & we have a dense population of Starbucks locations all over the city as well. I go daily to the 3 or 4 that are within walking distance of my office in DT, as well as the 2 that are near my home. I also love visiting stores randomly in the Greater Vancouver area, & post actively on social media about Starbucks & my love for Starbucks 😛

    Would love to be on your street team! 🙂
    Let me know,

  34. Dani

    Hi Melody! I’m from Vancouver, Canada & we have a dense population of Starbucks locations all over the city as well. I go daily to the 3 or 4 that are within walking distance of my office in DT, as well as the 2 that are near my home. I also love visiting stores randomly in the Greater Vancouver area, & post actively on social media about Starbucks & my love for Starbucks 😛

    Would love to be on your street team! 🙂
    Let me know,

  35. Emma

    I’m a partner from Vancouver, Canada and would love to join!!

  36. Gin Staley

    I am in Chattanooga, Tennessee and would love to be on your street team! We have 10? Starbucks locations within a half an hour drive of here. Be glad to help out!

  37. Tim Sandor

    Link didn’t work. Sign me up for the street team

  38. Chad Hunter

    How do I join the Street Team? I’d love to pass out material for you guys. I am a huge fan and fellow Starbucks Barista. My first store was across the street from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. However, I now work at a smaller cafe store in Lexington, Kentucky…AND I HAVE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

  39. Marjorie

    Would love to join if you’re looking for someone in Reno/Sparks Nevada.

  40. Connie

    I’d love to join if you’re still looking for people! I’m in New York (NOT nyc).

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