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Missed out on unicorns? Now there’s Narwhals and Mermaids!

NoDid you miss out on the chance to try the Unicorn Frappuccino? Well you can still try the Narwhal and the Mermaid Frappuccinos! The Narwhal is a pink Starburst-like flavor with strawberry lemonade, vanilla bean...

Coffee Education

IMG_43761 michael at 1st and university

Get Yourself to a Coffee Seminar.

Here in Seattle, there are a couple of Starbucks locations with regular coffee education events. All are welcome. Coffee knowledge is meant to be shared. As one partner told me, “We’re doing it wrong if...

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What is great customer service?

What is great customer service? I don’t know. It’s hard to define. It surprises. It’s calm in the face of angry customers. It’s a routine and a habit for every customer. It’s a habit for...

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