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Here comes the Starbucks truck!

Every so often, customers find their way to simply to request a Starbucks delivery truck.  It’s probably not an idea that is going to get launched nationally, but here in Seattle there are a few trucks set up for mobile Starbuck-ing!  Here’s one of many threads asking for Starbucks delivery trucks: StarTrucks thread at […]

#RaceTogether – Starbucks Sparks a Conversation.

What is Race Together? It’s an initiative by Starbucks start to start a dialogue about race. Every national level conversation is really millions of people in their homes, their workplaces, over a cup of coffee or tea, over lunch or dinner, or any number of circumstances, just talking. That’s it. Just talking.   Here’s my […]

Starbucks on Wheels!

Starbucks on Wheels!

Once in a while, you may stumble upon a Starbucks on wheels: whether a truck or a trailer, the company does have a few of these mobile, re-locatable Starbucks on wheels. The number one use for them is when Starbucks has closed a cafe for major renovations. In order to keep business operations going while […]

Ask me anything about Starbucks!

We’ve all done it. We sit down at our computer and we ask Google a question. Google will search for any site that seems to have the right answer.  Through a wordpress plug in, I can see some of those search words that lead people to StarbucksMelody blog. I can’t see all of them, because […]

Meet the Starbucks Micro Drive Thru Store.

Starbucks has such a variety of store concepts. There is everything from the super tiny drive thru stores to larger, comfortable Evenings destination locations. I recently realized that there is a category of stores that are called the “Micro Drive Thru.” These are very small, pre-fab construction drive-thru locations. The hallmark of a micro drive […]

Giveaway for a Starbucks Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway I hope this works. It’s my first experiment with Rafflecopter. To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment below. Your comment can be anything Starbucks related. Also click through and view the book that I recently published. (Here is the link to view Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody on […]

Starbucks Partner: Riki Yamada in Los Angeles (Proof positive that it’s a very small Starbucks world.)

I saw something on the Starbucks Facebook page yesterday that really struck my eye.  It was a post about a Los Angeles-area partner named Riki Yamada.  Every Facebook page has a “posts by others” section, and I think that’s often the most interesting area to browse.  (My own Facebook page has it too). Here’s the […]

Seattle’s Best Coffee – Two great stores in Orange County (one has a La Marzocco!)

There are two Seattle’s Best Coffees in Orange County which are just must-visit gems.  They’re lovely stores, with friendly employees, and you’ll get a fantastic beverage.  Interestingly, both are operated by the same franchise owner. I’d previously found a rather ordinary Seattle’s Best Coffee in Garden Grove (also Orange County, California), and so it made […]