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Here comes the Starbucks truck!

Every so often, customers find their way to simply to request a Starbucks delivery truck.  It’s probably not an idea that is going to get launched nationally, but here in Seattle there are a few trucks set up for mobile Starbuck-ing!  Here’s one of many threads asking for Starbucks delivery trucks: StarTrucks thread at […]

Ask me anything about Starbucks!

We’ve all done it. We sit down at our computer and we ask Google a question. Google will search for any site that seems to have the right answer.  Through a wordpress plug in, I can see some of those search words that lead people to StarbucksMelody blog. I can’t see all of them, because […]

Meet the Starbucks Micro Drive Thru Store.

Starbucks has such a variety of store concepts. There is everything from the super tiny drive thru stores to larger, comfortable Evenings destination locations. I recently realized that there is a category of stores that are called the “Micro Drive Thru.” These are very small, pre-fab construction drive-thru locations. The hallmark of a micro drive […]

Giveaway for a Starbucks Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway I hope this works. It’s my first experiment with Rafflecopter. To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment below. Your comment can be anything Starbucks related. Also click through and view the book that I recently published. (Here is the link to view Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody on […]

Starbucks Partner: Riki Yamada in Los Angeles (Proof positive that it’s a very small Starbucks world.)

I saw something on the Starbucks Facebook page yesterday that really struck my eye.  It was a post about a Los Angeles-area partner named Riki Yamada.  Every Facebook page has a “posts by others” section, and I think that’s often the most interesting area to browse.  (My own Facebook page has it too). Here’s the […]

Seattle’s Best Coffee – Two great stores in Orange County (one has a La Marzocco!)

There are two Seattle’s Best Coffees in Orange County which are just must-visit gems.  They’re lovely stores, with friendly employees, and you’ll get a fantastic beverage.  Interestingly, both are operated by the same franchise owner. I’d previously found a rather ordinary Seattle’s Best Coffee in Garden Grove (also Orange County, California), and so it made […]

La Boulange pastries arrive in Seattle soon: Melody attends a tasting event at the Starbucks headquarters!

On June 4, 2013, Starbucks customers in Seattle, Spokane (Washington), and Portland (Oregon) will find that La Boulange pastries are in the stores.  Today, (May 21, 2013) I had the chance to preview many of the La Boulange bakery items.  The whole thing was a kick!  I met up with other bloggers, Starbucks PR representatives, […]

Good in a cup.

About once a month or so, I get random emails from Quora where someone has asked me to respond to Starbucks-related questions.  This one struck my eye: How do employees feel about their customers willing to pay a substantial premium for their coffee?  Now, obviously I am not a Starbucks employee, but the question struck […]