Every so often, customers find their way to MyStarbucksIdea.com simply to request a Starbucks delivery truck.  It’s probably not an idea that is going to get launched nationally, but here in Seattle there are a few trucks set up for mobile Starbuck-ing!  Here’s one of many threads asking for Starbucks delivery trucks:

StarTrucks thread at MyStarbucksIdea.com

Right now, a Starbucks truck is set up temporarily at the Olive Way store location while the Olive Way store in under construction.

Melissa Allison (who writes the Coffee City blog for the Seattle Times) previously took a couple of pictures of the site under construction and posted them on her blog.  The photos of the Starbucks truck are so fun that I decided to go grab a few of my own.  As to the Starbucks truck, I think actually that Starbucks may have more than one of them.  Either that, or it is repainted often.  I believe that I’ve spotted the truck in other places.  I think I’ve seen it in downtown Seattle, near Westlake Center, promoting the new Frappuccino or some summer drink.  I think I’ve seen the truck at the Ballard SeaFood Fest, and the Green Lake Milk Carton Derby too.

In any case, I thought the Starbucks truck pics were sort of fun, so I wanted to share them.  The photos below include the Starbucks truck, the Olive Way store under remodel construction, and the view in that area… I know I said no new content until Sunday, but I just couldn’t wait that long!