Today (April 17, 2011) I went for a stroll downtown and noticed that the Seattle’s Best Coffee had up their new logo.  This was the first time that I had seen the new logo on display on the store’s main exterior signage.  It looks great!  (For those who do not know, Seattle’s Best is owned by Starbucks).

The last time I wrote about Seattle’s Best Coffee, I was focusing on the new “Levels” of coffee, but you can kind of see the old logo in some of these photos in this blog post here:

I asked the register barista how long the new logo signs had been up at her store, and she replied, “about a week and a half.”  Here is the address of the store I visited this morning:

Seattle’s Best Coffee
1100 Fourth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 623 0104

The new logo now hangs in front of the main door at this store, as well as on both main window areas.  One set of windows faces 4th Avenue and the other faces Spring Street.  The window facing Spring Street looks out at the main branch of the Seattle Public Library which is definitely visually interesting.  The 4th and Spring corner is a busy area with a number of hotels in the area, and close to everything. I wrote about the 4th and Seneca Starbucks not too long ago, and that is essentially just a very short distance away, at the other end of that same block, and across the street.

This morning I tried the spinach, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich which was really good!  Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone I said this but I think SBC has much better breakfast sandwiches than Starbucks!  I decided to try the promotional drink which was a cinnamon vanilla latte.  I had a funny conversation which went something like this:

Melody “I’d like a tall cinnamon vanilla twist latte.”

Register barista: “So you would like a small cinnamon vanilla latte.”

Melody “Is that 12 ounces?”

Register barista: “Yes it is.  A tall is a small here.”

Melody: “Okay great. I’ll have a tall cinnamon vanilla latte – and could you make that with whole milk?”

Register barista: “Whole milk is our default milk.”

The new Seattle’s Best logo, featured at this store on the corner of 4th and Spring, was announced in May of last year, but still is not wide-spread in downtown.  I have heard there are a few new-design cafes with the new logo, but this store in this blog article appears to be an older store design with the new logo hanging up.

I thought it would be fun to take a peek into something different than just another Starbucks, and this is a great little neck of downtown at 4th and Spring.  I had only my phone with me.  My apologies that a few of the photos are grainy.  When I left, I ordered a cup of the coffee of the day which was the “Level 3” coffee.  It was fine.  A little thinner body than what I normally drink, but I would gladly drink it anytime.  I think I am more of a Level 4 coffee kind of person myself.

Next time you are in a Seattle’ Best, notice their napkins.  On them are the words, “Napkin. aka spontaneous genius sketch paper.”  Very cute!

Enjoy the photos.  Feel free to comment on anything Seattle’s Best related.  What “level” coffee are you?

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