The Starbucks newsroom has officially announced the new My Starbucks Rewards program, which will be revenue based, not occasion based. An official announcement is here. Take a look at the all new official MSR image:


StarbucksMelody readers having been talking about this since last Friday! Check out Let’s Talk New My Starbucks Rewards for more information and detail. I work very hard to keep my readers in the know!* 🙂

There is now a live, official Starbucks website about the change in the rewards program:

I’m looking forward to the new reward program! I wish it would start sooner!

Just for fun, I’m going to re-print a history of MyStarbucksRewards, from an older article of mine:


March – April 2008: The first generation of MyStarbucksRewards were announced at the March 2008 Starbucks annual meeting of shareholders, and went into effect in April 2008. There were no levels. You registered a card, put money on it and you got free soy milk, free syrups, a free tall any coffee when buying whole bean coffee, and free refills. Here’s an April 2008 official Starbucks blog article on that first phase of rewards. Before April 2008, there were no rewards at all at Starbucks.

November 4, 2008: Starbucks offered a black gold card. This program was phased out in just one year. You paid a fee up front to get the black gold card and then earned 10% off each transaction at the register. For a while, there were two side-by-side rewards programs. A 10% off black gold card and the April 2008 version of the rewards program. Many people complained about having to pay a $25 membership fee.

December 2009: By December 2009, MyStarbucksRewards went through a major overhaul. You earned stars per swipe of the card. The first levels (Welcome, Green, Gold) were introduced. And every 15 stars you earned a free drink (not food). This version of the program kept the free tall beverage with a pound of coffee, though now a Green level perk. By late December 2009, the earlier April 2008 version of the program had ended.

October 2012: On October 16, 2012, a new version of MyStarbucksRewards went into effect. The number of stars needed to earn a free rewards dropped from 15 to 12. For the first time, you could use your reward on food. The free tall any-beverage with the purchase of a pound of coffee was axed – removed from being a perk. By October 2012, the only Green level perk was free refills in store (as it is now too). This was also the beginning of electronic rewards on the app or by the swipe of your card. Before October 2012, you got a paper postcard in the mail that you took to the store to redeem for your reward.The perk of free soy milk or syrups also came to an end with the October 2012 major overhaul.

October 2013: Starbucks added additional food perks available as a reward. By October 2013, you could use your reward on just about any food item in the store. (Evenings food option were not included, and to this day are not included).

March 2014: Starbucks added bonus stars for at-home coffee purchases, when purch.asing whole bean coffee, Via Instant coffee, Verismo pods, or K-cups in a company-operated Starbucks location







(*Except where I have made an agreement with Starbucks not to discuss a particular topic, which did not happen here. It did happen back in 2012 with the last major rewards change).