It’s been a long while since I’ve talked about in any way whatsoever.  I noticed a few idea-threads that struck me as interesting, and decided to highlight them here.

Here we go:


Daly City Starbucks Closing – Please Save Our Store – This idea thread is about a store in Daly City, California, which apparently is closing on January 26, 2012.  When I saw this thread, my interest was immediately piqued, as I wondered which Daly City Starbucks, and wondered if there was a story behind this.   I didn’t realize that Starbucks is still closing stores, though I suppose if a store is not profitable, that could always happen.  Still, I wonder if any of my readers have more information about why this Starbucks is closing?  Does anyone here have more information on this?

Here’s the full “idea” from


Bring Back Organic Shade Grown Mexico – Here’s someone who wants the whole bean coffee Organic Shade Grown Mexico to come back.  I have to admit, I really liked that coffee too, and so I want to highlight this thread.  I don’t think it’s coming back, but I can still wish… Now is a good time to mention an old blog post about Shared Planet, which talks about the early history of Organic Shade Grown Mexico coffee.  Still, as a fan of this coffee, I want to put a spotlight on this thread.


Why buck the buck at the bux?  – You can’t really tell what this thread is about by looking at the title.  It appears to be that a customer wanted to use a coupon for a $1.00 off of whole bean or Via and was told that they could not do so at the company-operated Starbucks.  Given the mix of answers in the thread, I find it a bit confusing.  As far as I know, the $1.00 off whole bean (or Via Ready Brew) coupons may be used at all “participating Starbucks,” which generally does include all company-operated stores.

Here’s the idea thread:

4) Graham Cracker Topping and Cheesecake Syrup – Here’s a partner who wants a cheesecake syrup and graham cracker topping for beverages.  It doesn’t really appeal to me, but someone would like it.  It’s interesting enough to point out here – That’s an original idea!



It’s been eons since I’ve talked about, so here is a chance to chat about the idea site.  Talk about anything MSI-related!