There are some gorgeous and unique Starbucks stores in Southern California. I’m sure there are many more than what I’m featuring here, but let me pick out for you a few must-visit locations:

First and foremost, the Downtown Disney Starbucks in Anaheim, is still a must-visit location:

Downtown Disney
1570 S. Disneyland Drive, Suite 105
Anaheim, California

This store opened new on March 10, 2014. Since it’s on Disney property there are some subtle differences between it and a typical core Starbucks store. Yes, it is still a company-operated Starbucks location, but it seeks to have an elevated experience for customers. The partners all wear the solid black aprons that were developed for the era of Evenings Starbucks locations (there are no longer beer and wine Starbucks stores).

You can use your Starbucks card, earn and use rewards, and enjoy all your beverage favorites. It’s also a store with a complete offering of Starbucks Reserve coffees, including the delicious Papua New Guinea Roots No. 1 and Cape Verde Reserve coffee.

You can get nitro cold brew at this store too.

On top of it all, you’ll have a great experience. This store elevates the Starbucks experience: both Starbucks customer service and Disney customer service standards are melded together at this location. I know that I’ve had a fantastic experience every time I’ve dropped by this store. By the way, there is a separate parking area for Downtown Disney shops, and you do not need a park ticket to visit the shops at Downtown Disney.

Visually gorgeous, nitro cold brew, Reserve coffee, and great experiences: What more could you ask for?

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The Los Angeles Reserve Bar:

The Los Angeles Reserve Bar is located at 4th and La Brea and opened new December 2, 2016.

Los Angeles Reserve Bar
359 South La Brea
Los Angeles, California

This is one of the few Reserve Bar locations across the country. (There are more coming soon.) A Reserve Bar is a hybrid between a core Starbucks store and an elevated platform including Reserve coffees and Roastery-inspired beverages.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous location. There’s plenty of comfy seating. And best of all, you can order Reserve cold brew made with Micro Blend No. 11, all the wonderful ice cream Reserve offerings, and other great Roastery-created drinks, like the Melrose. You can use a Starbucks reward on the Roastery-inspired drinks and ice cream!

1 - 1 - 20170514_080216 inside reserve bar LA1 - 1 - 20170514_080150 exterior reserve bar LA1 -1 - 20170514_095941 facing bar area of griffith park blvd starbucks1 - 1 - 20170514_080304 inside LA Reserve bar1 - 1 - 20170514_080315 seating in reserve bar LA

















Next up, for a unique store design, check out the Highland and Willoughby Starbucks store:

Highland & WIlloughby
859 North Highland Drive
Los Angeles, California

This store has the unique distinction of being designated as a historic landmark. The building was originally a “Gilmore Gas Station” in the 1930s, and LA designated it a historical landmark in 1992.

This store opened new as a Starbucks on March 26, 2015.

Today it proudly operates as a beautiful drive-thru only Starbucks. The Starbucks newsroom has before and after photos.

1 - 1 - 20170514_090818 outside of gas station starbucks1 - 1 - 20170514_090725 gas station starbucks1 - 1 - 20170514_090701 gas station drive thru









Griffith Park Boulevard & Hyperion Drive
2720 Griffith Park Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

The next store is a small, unassuming store with a dynamic store design. The Griffith Park & Hyperion Drive Starbucks is located only a couple of miles from the famous Griffith Observatory. You can see that the park, observatory, and stars have inspired the store’s gorgeous mural.

1 - 1 - 20170514_094923 griffith park blvd starbucks LA1 - 1 - 20170514_095309 mirror in griffith pk blvd starbucks1 -1 - 20170514_094313 mural griffith pk blvd starbucks1 -1 - 20170514_095941 facing bar area of griffith park blvd starbucks














Lastly, I’m going to include the Goldenwest & McFadden Starbucks. This store at least gets an honorable mention.

Goldwest & McFadden Starbucks
15388 Goldenwest
Westminster, California

Within the entire Starbucks portfolio of stores, there are very few of these visually-unique designed stores, made either with shipping containers or as a prefab construction. There are probably less than 25 of them across the country.

This Goldenwest Starbucks is a pre-fab construction design. I have a fairly complete list of all the pre-fab concept drive-thrus and shipping container drive-thru stores here. If you see one of these style of stores near you, and I’m missing it from the list, please use the contact form on this site and tell me. These styles of stores look extremely similar to each other.

20170517_100800 goldenwest and mcfadden starbucks1 - 1 - 20170517_095323 goldenwest and mcfadden starbucks1 - 1 - 20170517_095248 goldenwest and mcfadden1 - 1 - 20170517_095237 goldenwest and mcfadden facing patio










I hope you get the chance to stop by any one of these stores! If you have a favorite Southern California Starbucks, I want to hear about it!