Weekend open thread: A book, a double tall latte in the UK, and Starbucks rewards gets updated.

I thought I’d throw out a totally open thread about Starbucks It has been a while since I have done that.  I am still having computer problems, and it feels like there is a lull as to what I might have to write about.  One challenge of having no computer is that it is very difficult to produce any articles that involve a lot of photos.  Not impossible – but very difficult. 

A book about ordering at Starbucks and an interesting update to the UK beverage standards:

It’s been in the news that a former Starbucks partner has written a book about how to order a beverage at Starbucks.  Here’s a link to his website, called “Inside The Cup.”  What do you think of a book that helps you order at Starbucks?  I have to admit that I think it is a great idea in principle.  I guess my only concern is that the Starbucks menu changes so often, that the book may quickly be out of date.  For example, it seems to me that Starbucks will eventually launch Refreshers, which will add a whole new drink category to the menu.  Also the syrups at Starbucks are ever changing.  Starbucks even adds new sizes to their menu, such as the Trenta.  Stores that have a Clover have one additional added layer of complexity since it is possible to order a very wide variety of coffees, both hot and iced, and create some really fabulous and interesting Cafe Misto beverages.  This book might have really very little relevance to international markets where beverages can vary substantially from North American markets.  For example, I’ve repeatedly heard it said that the UK market is extremely unique in the kind of beverages that their customers want:  The smoothie beverages don’t sell over there.  They tend to order very traditional latte type beverages, and a flat white in a for-here cup is a standard, common order.  And in the UK, as of March 14, 2012, it will be standard that all tall beverages are created with two shots of espresso.  In a few markets, such as Japan, a customer can purchase a “short” sized cold beverage.  I certainly think that this book is a very fun idea, and I wish Kenny Brown (the author) great success.  I just suspect that writing about beverages at Starbucks is liking chasing a moving target.

What do you want from Starbucks?

In the comments of a recent thread, one regular reader of this blog commented that it would be interesting to hear customers state what they want from their Starbucks, and to hear from partners, what they want in their customers?  I think it is an interesting and fair question, and I’d absolutely invite that discussion in the comments also.

The My Starbucks Rewards page to be updated soon:

One thing that I find absolutely remarkable  is that Starbucks is finally going to be updating their Rewards page to provide accurate information regarding the perk when buying whole bean.  Back in May of last year, I announced the new perk: of a free any tall-sized beverage with the purchase of a half-pound of Reserve coffee when buying whole bean with a registered card at the “green” level or higher.  For a long time, I’d complained on MSI, and to a few contacts at the SSC that the website has wrong information surrounding the purchase of whole bean as it relates to My Starbucks Rewards.  Mostly, I was met with blank stares (figuratively speaking).  In any case, I am quite pleased to say that “Whitney” from the MyStarbucksRewards team has stated that Starbucks has identified errors in the official MyStarbucksRewards page (as it relates to the whole bean purchase perk) and will be updating that accordingly.  Whitney’s statement regarding the changes are found in the very last comment in this MyStarbucksIdea.com thread.

I am inviting you to talk about anything related to Starbucks.  I’ve given you a few ideas, but feel free to weigh in on anything that’s on your mind that relates to Starbucks.

And thanks again for reading this site!

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  • Sandra Trolinger

    OK, first off I love your blog and am getting more involved in posting. Thanks again for the outlet for fans like me of Starbucks.
    Several points about books…I have read several book about Starbucks and the best one was Pouring Your Heart Into It because the CEO spoke about starting up the beloved company that is part of our speech, food, and daily life. I think if Starbucks ever went bankrupt there would be support groups for bereavement! :)
    The worst book was How Starbucks Saved My Life and I am currently reading The Starbucks Experience due to you giving it praise on one of your blog entries. It was the first Kindle book I have ever purchased. I did not enjoy Onward very much and the tone of it got to me as if the company was nearly apologetic at the downward turn and rebuilding process it had to undertake to remain strong.
    I do think “Inside the Cup” is an interesting idea and one book I would love to see written is from a BARISTA perspective to see their dealings with training, processes, customers, out of the ordinary orders, funny stories, etc. I would love to hear a list of how to make a better customer from their perspective and what annoys them too.
    I would also like a book wholly on how to get hired and the psychology of HOW Starbucks hires and promotes.
    I like the idea of updating the MSR page and hope more employees go through proper training on how the rewards work.
    I would love to work there one day but fear I am better off as a customer.
    Also, for anyone who is obsessed with Pinterest here is a link to my Starbucks board if you would like to follow it:

  • Michelle

    I actually liked How Starbucks Saved My Life. It wasn’t very detailed about Starbucks, as I recall, but I thought it was a heartwarming story. I read Pour Your Heart Into It in my first few weeks at Starbucks. The first two classes I attended (Starbucks Experience and another one) the partners teaching the class talked about it so warmly that I decided I’d better read it. I also really liked the book Howard Behar wrote, though I read that long before I worked for Starbucks.

    I imagine the way Starbucks hires depends a lot on who is doing the hiring. Everyone sees something just a little differently.

    A tall is going to have 2 shots of Espresso in the UK? Interesting! I wouldn’t like that at all. There are times when I actually get a solo grande whatever I’m drinking. Depends on my mood, but I can think of only one time I ordered a double tall, and I didn’t finish it.

  • Supersteives

    I only hope this time with the TRUE LAUNCH of Refreshers that they are consistant with the drink.
    I live in So. Cal. & the problem I kept having was that one store would see the Trenta size refresher while another store would say it isn’t in the computer priced for that size….so it was a coin toss as to wether or not you could get one that day…(For the Trenta Haters out there…..I don’t apologize for ordering this size Refresher or Tea) To ME (My Opinion) Ordering a Trenta size drink One time early in the day is no diffrent than a person ( Friend of mine) says is gross but will go and order a grande 3 times in a day.
    Also, the other problem I had with the Refreshers was my favorite part. The Hibiscus Berry came with little pieces of berries & the Lime (My Fav) came with a freeeze dried lime disc and this kept my drink limey? all day even if I later added water to my cup of ice the lime stayed in tact and flavored my water and looks cool too. Problem is that over half the time, they were always OUT of the garnish that went with them. I know, sorta dumbm but the garnish is what gives that particular drink its signature….if they are going to sell the drink as having that in it…then quite simply, it should. I went round with the 2 of the locals by my house becuase they said everytime it was out…the drink is still the same drink….NOT TO ME IT WASN’t. So here’s to a great summer of Refreshing drinks & Starbucks gett’n it right.

  • Melody

    Hi Sandra and Michelle – I’m on my kindle, so this might be messy. I still need to read the Howard Behar book. Maybe I will download the kindle version. I think Joseph Michelli’s The Starbucks Experience really expresses the Starbucks experience at its very very best. How Stsrbucks saved my life has never really appealed to me because it looks more like one person’s personal drama more than a story really about Starbucks. I started writing my own book about Starbucks, got more than half way there and felt like there was zero coherent plot. I have a tiny excerpt somewhere on this blog which is a story about Cliff Burrows. Of course, there are some possible legal issues when writing about a brand AND especially earning a profit but if it is one’s. own truthful story, doesn’t defame, and avoids the logo it can be done. Ugh. The kindle auto correct feature is annoying.

  • Pat Dawson

    I really like this blog, because it discusses one of my favorite pastimes: going to Starbucks. I am still amazed that so many of my friends (and by so many I mean MOST) still think that going to Starbucks is a novelty. To demonstrate: On a recent vacation to California (last week) I took my mom to a Starbucks in West Hollywood. As we waited in line, she whispered to me (very quietly), ‘do they have decaf coffee?’ I responded, ‘well, they are a COFFEE house and their prime directive is the service of coffee and coffee-related drinks, so I’m going to say they probably have a decaffeinated version of their primary product.’ After the hub hub, she was served a steaming cup of decaffeinated coffee with half and half. After admonishing me for “indulging” in the half and half (she doesn’t understand how Starbucks is able to give out so much free milk; or, for that manner, why they keep so many tantalizing products unsecured from thieving hands), she sat delightedly drinking this novelty cup of decaffeinated Joe and whispered (she often speaks in whispered tones when in public) that she felt like ‘one of those hip young people’ in Manhattan. I know the novelty of Starbucks is just that for some: a novelty. And, I know this bond between my mother and I could have happened anywhere, but moments like these often occur as she and I have finished a day’s worth of shopping for gardening supplies and decide to watch the waning sun from the wear-worn hospitality of a Starbucks.

  • Sandra Trolinger

    Pat, that is a lovely glimpse of how Starbucks can truly connect and refresh someone.

    I have had computer training this week at work at a different location and brought my coffee in each morning & by lunch time when the other three employees and I went out for food they nicely asked on two separate days out of the four lunch dates if I wanted to go to Starbucks afterwards since they know how much I love their drinks. Well, when we went on Thursday we all ordered drinks and I sheepishly realized they had all gone back to the vehicle while I stood there still holding a conversation with the barista. LOL I finally realized I needed to scoot out the door too and they just saw it as a place to get a drink and a pastry before heading back to the office. Maybe I need an intervention. :)

  • Hayley

    I just clicked your link to the Starbucks UK website, and saw a seasonal beverage on their menu: Vanilla Spice latte. I’m not much into vanilla lattes but this looks so so good!!

    The description reads…
    Starbucks signature espresso combined with freshly steamed milk, rich vanilla, and subtle hints of cardamom and spice. Topped with whipped cream, crushed vanilla bean and a touch of sugar

    I would LOVE to try that here in the US!!

  • Diele

    We were instructed if we did not have the fruit for the refreshers then we shouldn’t sell the beverage as it MAKES the drink.

    Melody, I looked for peach and couldn’t find any info. I plan to ask on Monday, what my manager knows. I believe she said she knew what was planned until May/June.

    I order double tall, so I can see this being a hit. England is known for enjoying stronger coffee; it wouldn’t do well in the states unfortunately.

  • Suzanne C

    Sorry, but the first thing that popped into my head when I read “a book about ordering at Starbucks” was “really!” with just a hint of sarcasm. You go to Starbucks, you ask and you learn – simple. But then I read the introduction of “Inside the Cup” and I can see the perspective of where Kenny Brown is coming from.

    However, if you are intimidated enough by Starbucks to have to buy a book on how to order a drink, wouldn’t the thought of having to buy a book to learn how to order a drink just send you running to Dunkin Donuts instead?

    When i was 17 I learned how to ski. I bought the gear and the outfit and went to a resort and I stood on the mountain and watched. I asked a few questions to fellow skiers and then I got on the lift and just about killed myself going down the mountain. But I got up and tried and tried again until I got it right. Same thing with my first orders of Starbucks coffee, tried and tried again until I got it right.

    I applaud the effort of Kenny Brown and wish him well but bottom line is, it’s just coffee.

    Didn’t Starbucks have some “self-help” cards or brochures a while back?

    Glad to hear that Starbucks is finally updating their Rewards page, Melody.

  • Melody

    @Suzannee There was a Starbucks produced guide on how to order, about 5 years ago. There was even a braille large print version. Im on my phone, ugh this is sloppy.@ diele Last time I was in calif, lots of stores would sell tge lime refresher w/out the wedge. It did make me wondr how storea ended up lots of lime mix, but too few wedges. Srry so messy

  • Melody

    @pam dawson Congrats on the gravatar. That story with your mom at Starbucks is so precious!

  • Starbucks Gossip webmaster

    The author of this book has been answering questions at StarbucksGossip.com — which is the home of the original weekend Open Thread. Feel free to see what he has to say at Starbucks Gossip.

  • Melody

    Thnx for stopping by Jim. Absolutely true your blog did open threads before mine – your blog is much older. It is nice to do now and then. Im on my phne right now. My home comp is down so it is perfect timing to do an open thread by writing on someone eleses comp and not have to worry about managing images. Come drop by any time. Ive always given u credit for inspiring me to do this. 😉

  • purple1

    Wow absolutely great post Melody and thanks. I think the book the partner wrote about ordering at SB is wild and I would be interested to see how it sells. Actually, I do see customers coming in and totally confused as to what the drinks are and how to order them and also are not sure of what size to order their drinks in. When this happens, I see often the lines getting longer and the partners getting frustrated. There are so many thoughts I have about the the topic of what does SB want from a customer and what does a customer want from SB. Another post soon. I wish SB would revamp their rewards page in total so it is more reader friendly.

  • Diele

    I think we still have the raspberry one. It is the dark red can and I can’t remember the flavour for some reason. :(

  • purple1

    If I could create the optimum scenario for a perfect SB experience, I think I would like to first see consistency in every SB market- meaning every region should have the same promotion, same drinks and same food. I know that the regions are very different and customers are different, but not being able to share in the same promotions somehow does not seem reasonable or fair. How does SB really know if one promotion will fail in one market and succeed in another market unless they try? As a customer, I wish partners would really enjoy interacting with customers and finding out about them besides their drinks. I have found lately that when I take the time to chat with the partners and ask about how they are doing, etc. they tend to ask how I am doing and ask about other things than just what do you want to drink, etc. I realize that there is not always time to chat but it makes the SB you frequent more of a community. I also wish each SB would connect more with the community they are in. I could go on but will stop here for now. Again, thanks Melody.

  • Hayley

    I decided to give My Starbucks Idea another go and posted about bringing the UK Starbucks promo drink ‘vanilla spice latte’ to the US.
    Have any of you in the UK tried this beverage? What are your opinions on it?

    If you want to vote my idea up, here it is…I included the description of the drink and the link to the Starbucks UK picture of it. It looks really good, and I’m not even a vanilla latte fan!

  • Melody

    @Hayley – I voted your vanilla spice thread up. That sounds delish!

  • Diele

    I am pretty sure I saw and voted before you commented, but I will make sure I do. :)

  • denise r

    I think it took way too long for the Rewards to be updated. The mod (Whitney) on MSI copied it from the MSR and posted it, more than once, on MSI and it was wrong every time….as it was in the faqs of MSR and also in the brochures. I posted a thread about it… before she responded to others in different posts….It was never even commented on. This was before she corrected herself, or…..the “rewards” info..especially the very misleading and confusing part about no free tall drink w/ a bag of Reserve and all that jibberish about a pour-over etc.
    As we all know, this was added early last yr (2011)…but not in these printed places. I absolutely do expect a company this huge to at least have that correct! How can we expect the partners to ‘know’ the rewards when they’re printed everywhere incorrectly. ??? I also emailed a couple people about the repeated incorrect posts on MSI. (before she came on and said it’d been corrected) Took too long, imo…..
    I’m glad apparently that they got it straight but didn’t/don’t appreciate being totally ignored about it when I’d been jumping up and down for days re: the repeatedly wrong info posted by the mod. (Whitney)

    on another note: am seeing the “Refreshers” in cans in groceries here now…with big coupons and on sale..so a 12oz can ends up costing (at the moment) .50cents…..I think there were 3 flavors: strawberry/lemonade, orange/melon and the drk purple can..can’t remember…pomegranate/??? not sure. Have not tasted but have a feeling they will be very similar to a drink (“enviga”…..a few yrs ago, I think still around….) also ‘fizzy’ but green tea vs green coffee extract. Also saw “Colombian” Sbux in the grocery…..but zero Sbux decaf…which I know quite a few people are looking for decaf Verona, whch was pulled from the cafes but supposed to be in groceries etc and Sbux online store. (it is in the online Sbux)

  • denise r

    oh! never mind….the Rewards re free tall drink are STILL WRONG online in MSR. amazing.

  • Melody

    @Denise – You’ve got canned refreshers in your area? That is so cool. I need to go look for them around here!
    Yes, rewards are still wrong on that page (and still have that huge typo See drinks which should be Free drinks in the section on Gold level).
    And in any case, many many partners still have the mistaken belief that you have to be a gold card holder to get a free tall beverage with whole bean purchase.

  • Rich

    Free drinks is something I can’t pass up, I better get my membership quick!

  • Melody

    @Rich – Are you using a registered Starbucks card at Starbucks? How often do you go to Starbucks. Get a card. Put money on it. And then use that to pay for your drinks at Starbucks. Register it at http://Starbucks.com/card

  • Melody

    @Purple1 – I am finally coming back to your comment from 3/3/12 at 12:10 pm. It has taken a while for me to think about what to say to it. I can say that you and I don’t really want or expect the same things from Starbucks. You wrote this:

    “I think I would like to first see consistency in every SB market- meaning every region should have the same promotion, same drinks and same food. “

    I’ve been thinking about that, and I really don’t want that. I don’t. It is exciting to go to a new Starbucks and find something new. And basically, food and beverage are very difficult to source for even 7k company-operated stores. The Reserve coffee program would just about die. To keep it premium single origin coffees, it cannot be everywhere.

    I don’t want the drive to sameness. I am okay with the idea that promotions vary from place to place. Buying habits of customers vary from place to place – I am okay with Starbucks responding to many areas differently.

    It food and drink were the same everywhere: There would be no special products for 1912 Pike Place; 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea would lose some of its great uniqueness; There would be no “elevated” locations that have unique food offerings. Beverages would not be tailored to consumer demand: For some reason – and I don’t know why – Starbucks knows that folks in New England drink a crazy amount of decaf iced coffee – It’s offered there and not in Seattle. Despite that I liked the black and white cookies you sent me, I am okay with the idea that we don’t have them here in Seattle. The more food is just totally mass-produced, the more likely it loses quality. Who knows why, but coconut syrup sells like crazy in Hawaii, and it is a year-round offering there. That’s fine by me. I have even heard it said that they have sweetened condensed milk as a milk option! How odd.

    If all food and beverage were the same, there would never be any tests. Starbucks has to do a tremendous amount of testing to figure out if something will sell. Sorbetto got to the phase of massive testing in California before Starbucks figured out that it was not profitable, and not going to work.

    I think it IS the variation that gives Starbucks a lot of excitement, and in fact, I would say there is a reason to encourage more of it. I have no idea if Portland, Oregon Starbucks stores still offer the unique “Portland Coffee Cake” that has a less sweet recipe than the rest of the country.

    I know it’s hard to see what others have, and to feel like you want it too. Trust me, I’ve felt that a million times too, and especially with the Refreshers beverages. But it’s a quick downhill race to the blah-dom of sameness sameness if we’re not okay with regional tests, foods, merchandise, beverages, and promotions.

    I am sorry Purple1 – That is my thought on that.

  • Diele

    Melody, I found some goodies to send to you. I will try to ship them out in the next week. Let me know if you can’t find refreshers and I will send a few. :)

  • cardiff barista

    @Pat– There were no decaf drinks when I was in Japan (probably about 5 years ago).
    Here in the UK, we don’t brew any decaf filter, you’re stuck with an Americano if you want a black coffee. I also get loads of customers asking for decaf tea, which you almost might expect in a country where tea has been the predominant beverage.

    The Vanilla Spice Latte is lovely. It’s been quite popular as well, which is good as we’re not getting a new beverage for the Spring promotion. (We’re too busy reinventing the latte)

    There was a study that came out last year that showed that Starbucks espresso has far less caffeine content than anywhere else, so I do wonder if that’s what has prompted this change. As far as I can tell, people get the extra shots because they’re tired and not because they want a stronger tasting coffee.

    I have to agree with Melody on the sameness issue. One of my favourite things about traveling is seeing how regional and cultural differences affect the food/drink offerings at chain shops.

  • purple1

    Actually Melody your points are very well taken and to be honest after reading your comments I agree with you. I am sort of feeling frustrated that there are promotions out there that we cannot participate in that seem worth having here. Today, I chatted with the SM on the bistro box promotion and it just seemed like he had no interest in whether it would work here or even care. Thank you for your long response and I get it.

  • denise r

    Hey…they put Tribute out this afteroon (3/5) in my store and there is a MOST MOST beautiful “tumbler” that some (wealthy) people can buy for the occasion. ($5.00 of it goes to your community) but it’s $40.00!!!! BUT, one of the most striking I’ve ever seen…….. silver on the outide with imprinted logo then lined with white ceramic…… odd shape too…maybe 12 oz I think. nice black lid that was easy to use, it seemed. But, I don’t see alot of them selling in some areas at $40.00!! I think I would’ve bought one immediately for maybe $25 or even MAYBE $30., but $40.00???? It may be worth it but I just don’t see it being a big sell…….especially with gas jumping ~.10-.25cents a day. We’re at $4.10 here today in the ‘burbs…much more in Chgo proper. Just thought I’d throw in a little update. But, YAY Tribute!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hayley

    Wow…$40 for a tumbler does seem awfully expensive! I love hearing that it has a ceramic interior. I’m becoming less and less tolerant of how my coffee tastes in stainless steel mug. Even still, with the ceramic, I just don’t think I can afford $40 for a mug. I’ll keep my eyes open for it though. Yay Tribute! :)

  • Diele

    It is hand dipped in white gold and a limited edition mug. Definitely collectable and will be worth a small fortune in the future.

    I just finished helping with the set up while closing the store. I think it looks decent and love some of the new items. I think the new food will be a hit. My current store was number one in the district for Tribute sales so it will be interesting to see how much we sell this first week.

  • denise r

    there are many “limited edition” Sbux things out there. more in the earlier yrs, or even early-mid 2000’s.

    agree with Hayley about the stainless taste. I have one Sbux tumbler that I bought for my bike and I wish I’d returned it right away. (couple yrs ago) You just can’t drink out of it…. well, I can’t. Makes cold water taste like bad well-water. (and we have very good Lake Michigan water)

  • Sandra Trolinger

    I tried The Perfect Oatmeal this morning and loved it. I added the brown sugar and mixed it in and ate the fruit and the nuts separately after I finished the oatmeal as I don’t like them mixed it. I would definitely buy it again.
    I also got to try an apple pie petite and it was YUMMY and brought one home to my husband and he loved it too. I used my receipt from the morning to get my half price drink after 2 pm. The store manager gave me two venti lattes for half price which was a nice surprise since the receipt says one drink per customer.
    I will be hard pressed to stay away from the apple pies and plan on trying the cherry pie next time I go in! So happy with the new items!

  • Diele

    I love love love the apple pies! I had two today and yesterday. :( No wonder my blood sugar is elevated!

  • Pat Dawson

    Some time last week, I tasted the new mini cherry pies and decided that my life, from that moment forward, would be dedicated to the daily pursuit of cherry pies. I’ve enjoyed those cherry pies almost everyday since. Yesterday, I met a friend in lower Manhattan. Our meeting place (why ask): Starbucks on Broadway and Thames St. As we waited on a endless line, I inundated my friend with cherry pie praise. He finally gave in and we ordered two cherry pies. My friend, a rather large guy, blanched at the miniature size of the pastry, so he ordered an additional coffee cake (while surreptitiously eyeing an old-fashioned donut). Joe in hand, pies and coffee cake bagged up, we bounded from the store. Biting into his pie (which consisted of his simply putting the whole little pie into his huge mouth), he remarked that Starbucks cherries tasted a lot like apples. After inquiring whether I liked “see food,” he determined that we had been served apple pies instead. I immediately returned to the store, despite his admonishments against my “pushiness,” as he calls it. Holding the pie up, I showed the server (a rather harried young server) his error. Hurriedly correcting the err, he brought me a cherry pie, then looked microscopically at the apple pie, compared to the cherry. With a puzzled look, he inquired, “are you sure this isn’t the same flavor?”. Exasperated, another barista walked by and reminded him that ‘cherries are red, and the apple is brown.’. The harried server simply looked confused and replied, ‘in real life apples and cherries are both red.”. After the existential argument on the relative color of apples versus cherries, the server insisted I take both pies. Grumbling about the similarities between the two pastries, he declared, ‘It’s too dark in here.’. Whatever the relative color of apples to cherries, I finally got to taste the mini apple pie too. I’m not saying it’s better than the cherry (which it isn’t); I’m just saying that if Starbucks goes into the pie business, they won’t go broke.

  • Diele

    Does anyone have raspberry scones in their market? I used the store locater and it said in Seattle. I would kill for one! Arizona hasn’t had them since 2008!!! I don’t see why these couldn’t be national. :(

  • Melody

    @Diele – I don’t usually buy scones, but now I am going to pay attention and look next time I am at Starbucks. I don’t think there is a raspberry scone in stores?? Anyone reading this know??

  • purple1

    I thought I saw a raspberry scone the other day but I took a quick look at the pastry case that day. I am going to SB later and will check it out.

  • Melody

    @Purple1 – I’ll be very curious to see if you find any. It might be a regional item. Still haven’t made it to Starbucks today, but I’m on my way soon.

  • purple1

    Just returned from new haven and the SB store there was renovated since I was there last and it is a very nice and comforting store. It has a clover. Also, the regional big shots were in my SB the other day taking pics and apparently there will be a remodel in about a year. There was an empty store next door that they could have taken some space from (too late now) which would have made the store more attractive and possibly a clover would have been an option. Not sure if when the store gets remodeled, a clover will be added. I joked with the SM that they should do a focus group with the regulars before the remodel so they can have input into the new design.

  • Supersteives

    I used to love the raspberry scone too…what’s funny is that it’s listed on the starbucks menu in the bakery section still on the website. You would think that if it was not avail. anylonger, that they would simply take it off. I see it on there all the time, and it reminds me of how much I miss it & how I would be much happier to see the doughnuts go & get some of the disconitued bakery items back.

  • Purple1

    Melody yes my local sb has raspberry scones.

  • Diele

    I plan to go to msi and put a thread to make them national. I can’t see why they wouldn’t be.

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