I thought I’d throw out a totally open thread about Starbucks It has been a while since I have done that.  I am still having computer problems, and it feels like there is a lull as to what I might have to write about.  One challenge of having no computer is that it is very difficult to produce any articles that involve a lot of photos.  Not impossible – but very difficult. 

A book about ordering at Starbucks and an interesting update to the UK beverage standards:

It’s been in the news that a former Starbucks partner has written a book about how to order a beverage at Starbucks.  Here’s a link to his website, called “Inside The Cup.”  What do you think of a book that helps you order at Starbucks?  I have to admit that I think it is a great idea in principle.  I guess my only concern is that the Starbucks menu changes so often, that the book may quickly be out of date.  For example, it seems to me that Starbucks will eventually launch Refreshers, which will add a whole new drink category to the menu.  Also the syrups at Starbucks are ever changing.  Starbucks even adds new sizes to their menu, such as the Trenta.  Stores that have a Clover have one additional added layer of complexity since it is possible to order a very wide variety of coffees, both hot and iced, and create some really fabulous and interesting Cafe Misto beverages.  This book might have really very little relevance to international markets where beverages can vary substantially from North American markets.  For example, I’ve repeatedly heard it said that the UK market is extremely unique in the kind of beverages that their customers want:  The smoothie beverages don’t sell over there.  They tend to order very traditional latte type beverages, and a flat white in a for-here cup is a standard, common order.  And in the UK, as of March 14, 2012, it will be standard that all tall beverages are created with two shots of espresso.  In a few markets, such as Japan, a customer can purchase a “short” sized cold beverage.  I certainly think that this book is a very fun idea, and I wish Kenny Brown (the author) great success.  I just suspect that writing about beverages at Starbucks is liking chasing a moving target.

What do you want from Starbucks?

In the comments of a recent thread, one regular reader of this blog commented that it would be interesting to hear customers state what they want from their Starbucks, and to hear from partners, what they want in their customers?  I think it is an interesting and fair question, and I’d absolutely invite that discussion in the comments also.

The My Starbucks Rewards page to be updated soon:

One thing that I find absolutely remarkable  is that Starbucks is finally going to be updating their Rewards page to provide accurate information regarding the perk when buying whole bean.  Back in May of last year, I announced the new perk: of a free any tall-sized beverage with the purchase of a half-pound of Reserve coffee when buying whole bean with a registered card at the “green” level or higher.  For a long time, I’d complained on MSI, and to a few contacts at the SSC that the website has wrong information surrounding the purchase of whole bean as it relates to My Starbucks Rewards.  Mostly, I was met with blank stares (figuratively speaking).  In any case, I am quite pleased to say that “Whitney” from the MyStarbucksRewards team has stated that Starbucks has identified errors in the official MyStarbucksRewards page (as it relates to the whole bean purchase perk) and will be updating that accordingly.  Whitney’s statement regarding the changes are found in the very last comment in this MyStarbucksIdea.com thread.

I am inviting you to talk about anything related to Starbucks.  I’ve given you a few ideas, but feel free to weigh in on anything that’s on your mind that relates to Starbucks.

And thanks again for reading this site!