Little interactions: Snippets of Melody’s Starbucks visits.

I recently was in a Facebook conversation with some of this blog’s readers about ways I could have a new focus.  The conversation was largely inspired by the fact that I saw a news article recently about a guy who wants to blog about every Starbucks in New York City within one year.  Shortly after that, I saw a news article about a woman in Seattle who will be eating all Starbucks food for one year.

In the course of the conversation, a reader suggested that perhaps I could write more about my day-to-day interactions at Starbucks.  I actually haven’t done a lot of that.  At least part of the reason that  I haven’t done so is that I don’t always want to put a spotlight on partners, and make them extremely identifiable in the blog.  On the other hand,  many experiences that make me walk out of a store grinning ear to ear are the very short moments of conversation or happenings that happen within 30 seconds at the register.

I think the reader is right.  I could write more about those experiences.  Consider this the first article in that series.

Yesterday, I dropped by the Columbia Tower Starbucks.  I ordered a tall iced Sidamo from the Clover in a Grande cup, with extra ice.  I paid with a Tazo card.  The register barista took my card and said, “Oh Melody, I’ve been meaning to tell you!  I went to the Tazo store for the first time!” I asked her what she thought of it.  She said, “It felt like I was in a spa!  I felt like I was supposed to be putting the products in my hair!”  It was a moment that I loved.  I immediately understood what she was saying.  The store has a beautiful clean look, and teas and shampoos both have something in common.  Am I the only one who, while at a grocery store, has opened up five bottles of shampoo to smell them to decide which one to buy?  There is indeed an aromatic experience to both tea and shampoo.

That’s it for my first “little interactions” story.  I will post a few more now and then.

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  • Jordan

    It’s interactions like these that makes me wish that the Starbucks on campus was free-standing and corporate. I love the vibe of the Starbucks at home, there is one barista who works there who is absolutely the sweetest girl. Today, when I went to get a refill of my coffee, she said to me, “Corporate called, we can’t give free refills anymore, you have to give me a smile to get a refill.” I couldn’t help but have a big goofy smile on my face. Not to give them a bad rap, but I feel like the same passion isn’t there in the licensed stores. I know a lot of that has to do with it being on a college campus and having students work there, but the manager is actually a coffee master and is really good about having that Starbucks warmth when you talk to him. I always am thrilled when he’s working because he makes it a point to know who I am and to be as accommodating as possible. I simply don’t get that with the other baristas. That’s the one thing I’m happy about being home for break right now: I get to spend a lot more time at my local store!

  • mindi

    More of these! :)

  • Becca

    Great Article Mel!

    I wish I was there sipping Sidamo with you :)

    I too tend to buy bath and body products with my nose. I am currently hooked on Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco shampoo. It smells like dessert!

  • Purple1

    Melody I too think these partner stories are so important to read especially after the loss of the newtown partner. The terrific partners need to be recognized for sure. Now, you need to go out of Seattle and do these profiles as well. I also think it is important to see the difference between DM’s from one area to the other because they often set the tone for stores. You certainly have come in contact with them as well. Thanks.

  • IP lawyer

    The interactions make the store, in my opinion. It’s the people serving you who’ll keep you coming back, just as much as the actual coffee.

  • LatteRose

    I enjoy reading things like this. Looking forward to more!

  • Becky E

    Great snippet, Melody! I agree with all the above posts. My daughters also love coming home from college to our local starbucks. The one on campus is just so-so and they travel off campus to one nearby when they can. But they love the baristas at our home store. I have to smell shampoos, laundry detergent, and fabric softener before deciding on which to buy. My daughters and I spent an hour in Teavana during their Christmas break. Very nice experience and we brought home several teas to try.

  • Melody

    @purple1 – Thank you for your huge support of this blog! You are awesome! I got this automated email from which was something like, “Your blogging year 2012 in review” and it gave me a ton of stats. I didn’t realize at all, you left the very most comments on this blog! (Outside of me – I am surprised at how many comments I’ve left.) I really appreciate that! Thank you!

  • bmommyx2

    I enjoyed this post very much.

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