I recently was in a Facebook conversation with some of this blog’s readers about ways I could have a new focus.  The conversation was largely inspired by the fact that I saw a news article recently about a guy who wants to blog about every Starbucks in New York City within one year.  Shortly after that, I saw a news article about a woman in Seattle who will be eating all Starbucks food for one year.

In the course of the conversation, a reader suggested that perhaps I could write more about my day-to-day interactions at Starbucks.  I actually haven’t done a lot of that.  At least part of the reason that  I haven’t done so is that I don’t always want to put a spotlight on partners, and make them extremely identifiable in the blog.  On the other hand,  many experiences that make me walk out of a store grinning ear to ear are the very short moments of conversation or happenings that happen within 30 seconds at the register.

I think the reader is right.  I could write more about those experiences.  Consider this the first article in that series.

Yesterday, I dropped by the Columbia Tower Starbucks.  I ordered a tall iced Sidamo from the Clover in a Grande cup, with extra ice.  I paid with a Tazo card.  The register barista took my card and said, “Oh Melody, I’ve been meaning to tell you!  I went to the Tazo store for the first time!” I asked her what she thought of it.  She said, “It felt like I was in a spa!  I felt like I was supposed to be putting the products in my hair!”  It was a moment that I loved.  I immediately understood what she was saying.  The store has a beautiful clean look, and teas and shampoos both have something in common.  Am I the only one who, while at a grocery store, has opened up five bottles of shampoo to smell them to decide which one to buy?  There is indeed an aromatic experience to both tea and shampoo.

That’s it for my first “little interactions” story.  I will post a few more now and then.