Operation Lorax flyerI am putting a call out for volunteers!  Hopefully there are readers in Eastern Washington (or even Western Washington) who can help with this Starbucks-facilitated community service project in Cle Elum.  I will be there!  I signed up.  So if you come out to re-plant trees, you’ll see me there pitching in with a shovel, and working up a sweat.

Sherri Corwin, a Starbucks store manager in Ellensburg, Washington, emailed me saying that she has a big need for more volunteers for this community service event, and she asked me to spread the word via this blog.  Since her event is on a Saturday, and she definitely needs more help, I decided I would join in.  (Cle Elum is really only a couple of hours away from Seattle.)  I am looking forward to it.

Here’s the Operation Lorax tree planting event on the community service page.  Last August, the wildfire known as the “Taylor Bridge Fire”  scorched more than 28,000 acres of the Cle Elum area in Eastern Washington.  Sherri reports that partners from a Starbucks in Ellensburg (a town not too far from Cle Elum) brought firefighters beverages and snacks last August in support of those working to get the fire under control.

This month, as part of the Starbucks Global Month of Service, partners in Ellensburg will be replanting 2,000 trees.  That’s a lot of trees.  We’re going to need your help.  I am going to need your help!  Many hands make light work.

And no matter what you decide to do for the Global Month of Service, I’d love to hear about it.  I was thinking that it could be fun to put together just a collage of photos of people doing their volunteering, so feel free to email me if you’ve got a picture you’d like to share.  Melody at StarbucksMelody dot com.

Hope to meet you on the 27th in Cle Elum!