WiFi speeds inside Starbucks will be getting faster soon!  Mashable reports that WiFi speeds will be up to ten times faster than what’s currently offered in stores.  Here’s the news article:

This definitely sounds like good news!  There is no doubt, there have been times I’ve been frustrated with Starbucks WiFi speeds.  When I’m in a store, while on my phone, I almost never use the Starbucks WiFi because my own phone carrier’s network feels much faster.  When on my Kindle, I have to use the WiFi, and I’ve definitely experienced slow loading of pages now and then.

I was just on the WiFi last night at Seattle’s Fourth and Union Starbucks location.  I love that store. You usually can find a seat, and it was designed with a lot of electrical outlets.  And, the team of baristas is fantastic.  Last night, as I was on the store’s WiFi using my Kindle, it already seemed a little faster to me, but I think that’s just my imagination!

I think it’s interesting that Starbucks will start with the stores that already have the highest WiFi usage.

What do you think? I know that I have heard many comments about people who linger too long on their laptops.  I find that to be a spurious discussion.  There has always been, for as long as Starbucks has been around, people who hang out for long hours.  Long before free WiFi, I camped out at a few Starbucks locations in San Francisco during law school.  Study groups are part of the Starbucks culture.  And, I have definitely seen people hang out for hours and hours in social groups.  At least here in downtown Seattle, I rarely see much of any problem with those who linger for a few hours on a laptop – and there’s always another Starbucks a block away!

What do you think?