IMAG7321 Ethiopia Coffee tasting Starbucks 30 Sep 2013This past Monday, (September 30, 2013), I went to a fun coffee seminar for the new Ethiopia core whole bean coffee at Starbucks.  Coffee-Masters-In-Training Jenn and Tyler walked us through a tasting of this coffee.  Both Jenn and Tyler work at a different Starbucks (the Madison Park Starbucks), and were invited to do a coffee seminar at East Olive Way.

As a reminder, the Starbucks at East Olive Way does coffee events roughly every other Monday evening, at 6:00 p.m.  Call in advance to confirm their schedule.  The address is 1600 East Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122.  The phone number is (206) 568 – 5185.

The two partners prepared the coffee by French press.  The four steps of a coffee tasting are first smell the coffee, next slurp, thirdly you locate where the flavors hit in your mouth, and lastly describe the flavors of the coffee.

Via a French press, I thought spiciness was highlighted in the new Ethiopia coffee.  I can genuinely say that I am still loving this new core coffee.  I have ordered it many times from the Clover (and it works perfectly from the Clover too).  You can see we were just getting started:

IMAG7311 Coffee tasting - Just getting started - 30 Sep 2013IMAG7320 Jenn pours French press 30 Sep 2013

Tyler and Jenn paired the Ethiopia coffee with the Starbucks Chocolate Berry Bites.  This was definitely an interesting pairing as the sweetness of the chocolate berry bite really brought out some juiciness to the Ethiopia.  The coffee is definitely fruitier when paired with these very sweet little treats.  I actually thought the berry flavors were almost a bit overpowering to the coffee.

As we were in the middle of the coffee event, I snapped a picture of Tyler smelling the bag.  I just signed up for Instagram about a week ago, and so I “Instagramed” this photo.  I liked how it came out!

IMG_20130930_183219 Tyler smells the coffee30 Sep 2013After we finished trying the coffee with the berry bites, Tyler and Jenn mentioned that they thought this coffee paired exceptionally well with the La Boulange Chocolate Meringue cookie but there hadn’t been enough cookies in the store for the large group in attendance.  I did buy the last two Chocolate Meringue cookies to try that pairing also.  (This photo of the chocolate meringue cookie was taken much later, at a different Starbucks):

IMAG7332 Chocolate Meringue cookies at StarbucksI gained a whole new appreciation of the Chocolate Meringue cookie.  That is a delicious cookie!  And, paired with the Ethiopia, it’s fantastic.  The cocoa flavor in the cookie seems to cut the spiciness of the coffee.  It makes the coffee incredibly smooth and sweetens it also.  The rich, smooth cocoa of the cookie is great with the Ethiopia coffee.

As many know, the new Ethiopia coffee is planned to be a core offering in most every Starbucks market, though some regions won’t be receiving the Ethiopia until 2014.

Have you tried this coffee, and what’s your favorite way to enjoy it?  (You can browse more coffee tasting articles on this blog here.)

Lastly, I leave you with a couple more pictures:

IMAG7313 Jenn Smiling Olive Way Coffee Tasting 30 Sep 2013

IMAG7324 Jenn and Tyler Smelling the coffee - 30 Sep 2013Thank you Jenn and Tyler for putting on this coffee seminar!