The Caramel Flan Latte is coming to Starbucks on January 7th!  It’s only a few days away!  I’ve seen Instagram photos of stores starting to sample it, and saw this sign at a Starbucks in the greater Seattle area:

IMAG8641 Caramel Flan Coming Soon - January 2014The Caramel Flan latte was actually a test beverage just one year ago.  The beverage comes with a caramel flan syrup, caramel whipped cream, and caramel drizzle.  I’ve tried it without the caramel whipped cream (there wasn’t any made up in the store at the time I tried it).  It’s a great beverage but a little bit sweet for me.  I’ve already heard about a number of baristas mentioning that the Caramel Apple Spice beverage is great made with the Caramel Flan syrup.  As I mentioned, this drink has a bit of an interesting history simply because Starbucks tests many more beverages than what actually makes to a national beverage launch.  For example, about one year ago, Starbucks tested a Marshmallow Mocha which seems to have not lived past the test stage.  The purpose of testing is to determine if there is customer demand for the product, and whether the beverage can made profitably and at the scale (and speed) needed for Starbucks stores everywhere.

Head to Starbucks on January 7, 2014 for all the new items coming out!  Have you tried the new Caramel Flan Latte?  You can order it at your neighborhood Starbucks stores everywhere (US and Canada) beginning the 7th of January.  This is likely a seasonal drink, so probably will stay in the stores for a few months.  (The mug featured in this picture is part of the new retail starting on January 7th too – the design of it inspired by the Casi Cielo coffee bag design.)

image-9 New Caramel Flan Latte