Starbucks has announced that the next annual meeting of shareholders will be March 24, 2010, to be held in McCaw Hall, in Seattle.  I will be there. For those that do not know, the first part of the event is Howard Schultz delivering a prepared announcement about the health of the business and what’s happening at Starbucks, and the last segment is a question and answer period.  Usually there is some live entertainment also.  The Q & A segment is great fun because anyone can get into the line and ask the executive team a question. Some of the questions have been quite interesting!

During the 2009 annual meeting of shareholders, my question was about the success of My Starbucks Idea which had been launched at the 2008 annual meeting.  Howard Schultz directed the question to Chris Bruzzo, VP of Brand Content and Online, who stated that it had been a success, launching an average of about two ideas per month.  When talking about the volume of posts on MSI, he joked that “40,000 of the posts are from you Melody!“.  That, of course, gave me a slight heart attack, but it was clear he was joking.

I have not yet decided what my 2010 question will be to the leadership, or even if I will ask one at all.

In years past, shareholders received in the mail an annual shareholder report, and in a number of years, included a special shareholders’ edition Starbucks card.  I’ve uploaded 3 of those to this post because they’re so great to look at. I have a confession to make though. These are not my cards displayed in this post. They belong to my best friend who has been a shareholder since the IPO. We’ve been visiting Starbucks together since the very early 1990s.  Some of you might think of a little less of me knowing this, but mostly, StarbucksMelody has spent most of her life very broke living off very little income. Okay I’m a little embarrassed now. It wasn’t until after law school that I had the means to become a shareholder, thus my own participation at the annual meetings is fairly recent.

At some point in the future, I will be writing a blog post just on collecting Starbucks cards because so many do collect these cards.  In the meantime, please enjoy these really beautiful shareholder cards.