Untitled-1 screen cap of brasil blend 5 April 2014StarbucksStore.com is now offering the Starbucks Brasil Blend. Starbucks produces a series of coffees which are intended for sale in specific international markets. The Brasil Blend coffee is part of that international series of coffees. The hallmark of these international coffees is that the coffee beans are sourced from the same origin country where it is sold. And outside of these coffees appearing now and then on StarbucksStore.com, they’re sold exclusively in their origin countries. You may have seen others in this same series:

  • In Brazil, you find Starbucks Brasil Blend, which is grown in Brazil. I’ll mention this again shortly.
  • In China, you would find Starbucks South of the Clouds coffee, which is grown in the Yunnan province of China.
  • In Thailand, you would find Starbucks Muan Jai coffee, which is grown in northern Thailand. For a limited time, that coffee is also available on StarbucksStore.com.
  • In the Philippines, you would find Starbucks Kape Vinta coffee,which features coffee grown in the Philippines.
  • In Puerto Rico, there is a Starbucks Puerto Rico coffee. That coffee too is available on StarbucksStore.com for a limited time.
  • In Mexico, there’s a Starbucks Mexico coffee.
  • In India, Starbucks sells India Estates Blend coffee.

That’s kind of a quick overview of what the international series of coffees are, and where you might find them. By the way, I’m pretty sure that “international series” is not any official name for the above coffees, but that’s what I call them since they all follow the exact same pattern: Coffee sold exclusively in their origin countries, grown in that same origin country.

I was very excited to see Brasil Blend return to StarbucksStore.com. A long time ago, when the store 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea was an experimental store, I recall trying Brasil Blend there and just loving it. I believe that I’ve tried almost all of the international series of coffees, and Brasil Blend stands out as one of my favorites. I’ve ordered some from StarbucksStore.com but it hasn’t arrived yet.

A good friend recently ordered this coffee too. She took some photos of the beans and the packaging which were such great pictures that I have to share them here:

Front of brasil blendSide of brasil blendBrasil Blend whole bean coffee 2The tasting notes (mostly from my friend’s coffee tasting) is that it is a soft acidity coffee, with milk chocolate and nutty tasting notes. She suggests pairing it with the Starbucks Banana Bread or Milk Chocolate Grahams. It’s a medium roast coffee, and my friend picked up a walnut finish. Her suggestion was that it would be interesting to compare this side by side with Guatemala Antigua.

I can’t wait to try it myself. As soon as my order gets here, I’m going to run into a Starbucks and share it with coffee passionate partners!