The Adorable “Mini” (10 ounce) Frappuccino.

1 - 1  - untitled Kurt's mini pictureStarbucks is testing a “mini” size Frappuccino. This is actually the second round of testing, as there was a very small San Diego test of the mini Frappuccino this past summer. Select Starbucks locations in Houston and Denver offer this new size.

Unlike other Frappuccinos, it appears, as far as I can see, a little less customizable than others. At least the booklet, which introduces customers to this new item, seems to suggest that you have a limited list of flavors/ recipes to choose from. I’d like to hear from others what their experiences have been with this new tiny Frappuccino.

It’s so cute! Yes, I want this test to succeed! There have been many times when I feel like a “tall” size (12 ounces) is too much Frappuccino for me.

I asked readers (via Facebook) to send me their photos of the mini Frappuccino test, and much to my surprise, I received multiple emails.

So what do you think? Would you order a mini Frappuccino?

By the way, this is not the first time that Starbucks has experimented with cold cups that are smaller than 12 ounces. I’ve heard it said that Starbucks Japan has such a demand for small sizes that that market routinely offers a short cold drink cup. Many years ago, the failed Sorbetto test item was served in a 10 ounce Starbucks.

Edit: I’ve seen people ask “why” would Starbucks do this. I think the “why” is fascinating. Let me throw this out there: 1) A 10-ounce Frappuccino responds to customer demand for a smaller size 2) Additional resources are hardly needed – you’re not adding new ingredients, just a size. 3) Creates a beverage at a slightly lower price point. 4) The lower price point potentially creates ‘trial’ – customers order something they wouldn’t normally, and then later think, “Next time I have to order the larger size”! Creates new Frappuccinos customers. 5) Potentially, from a marketing standpoint, this is competitive price point with value menus and similar drinks available at other large chains. 6) Potentially trains customers to order from the menu – since these are less customizable, customers who are introduced to these drinks are lured in by standard recipes. This in turn is a little easier for partners – fewer drink remakes due to customization. 7) Potentially appeals to customers who want a smaller size for children. No more splitting a Venti in two.

It’s pretty brilliant marketing.

image menu1 - 1 - untitled Kurt's frappuccino1 - 1- photo 1 Kelsey's mini Frappuccino1 - 1 - IMAG2229 front of mini booklet1 - 1- IMAG2231 Mini booklet Inside of booklet

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  • Jakub

    I have seen it one day on Instagram (with #tobeapartner hashtag) and I thought right away: why don’t we have this? I simply don’t like to drink so much at once, and “mini” size would be perfect! Not only I would be able to save a penny, but also few calories! And I must admit – it looks so cute and cool :) I hope this test will spread internationally next Frappuccino season!

  • Becky E

    Oh heck yes! I occasionally treat my daycare kids to a special Starbucks drink. They know it’s a very special day when that happens but I hate buying large sizes to try to divide evenly. With this size they can have their own cup with no messy dividing after I get the drinks home. And we could even stay there and enjoy the drinks on the patio or go to a nearby park. Oh, and the kids get the crème based Frappuccinos. Caffeine is just for me!

  • Ciaran

    Great idea, especially considering how calorie dense some frappuccinos can be!

  • Tiff

    I tried these while in Japan last year! It’s an adorable little size, and perfect for my Starbucks cravings. (I tried their mango passion frappuccino – delicious!) They also had thicker straws for a promo drink: brownie green tea frappuccino (delicious chunks of brownie! Haha)
    I’d love the “short” cold cups to expand to America. After working so long with the company, a tall has become too much for me!

  • Michelle

    The difference between the mini and the tall is only 2 ounces does this really make a difference to where people would buy one that normally wouldn’t or split for kids?

    I agree their filling and high in calories I don’t normally drink them but when I do its a tall

  • George

    This sounds awesome. When I first saw a picture of this on instagram some one posted and it said real size and the pic was small so I had to laugh when I reliezed the mini Frappuccino is not the size of a Starbucks cup Christmas ornament … Lol

  • Melody

    @George – That IS too funny. I want a “mini” Frappuccino Christmas ornament now!

  • denise r

    (CAt is on my keyboard 😉 It is brilliant marketing, of course. It’s ‘cute’, it’s all that 2 (two) ounces fewer calories than a ‘tall’ ;( and probably costs nearly as much. It actually (I’m guessing equals what they usually dump out at the end of any sz frappuccino they make…0 can’t write now…too much cat, and she’s too sweet to move!

  • Steven L.

    “Additional resources are hardly needed – you’re not adding new ingredients, just a size.”

    This isn’t entirely true, is it? Need to stock smaller cups!

  • Melody

    @Steve We’ve just said the same thing. The minimal new resources are a new cup.

  • Alexa

    I had a mini Frappuccino when I was in Colorado last weekend, and I feel like it was the perfect size for me! And a friend who has small children said she would prefer ordering a mini for her kids rather than splitting a veti for them. I hope they catch on!!

  • Claire

    From the pamphlet that lists the different “flavors” the only one I see missing the Strawberries and Creme. (Other than seasonal drinks and the semi-popular Hazelnut Frappuccino). This makes sense since the Strawberries and Creme is the only one that we have to measure out two separate things as opposed to just adding Frap Roast and milk.

    I know for a lot of people that this might a great opportunity to finally try a different Frappuccino without having to pay for a lot, but for me, I’m worried about how beneficial it is to partners. I know there is nothing I dread more than making 4 or 5 tall Frappuccinos in a row. Each beverage is so labor intensive and can be such a time-suck (especially out here in Texas where there are days that all ANYONE orders from 6a to 9p is Frappuccinos). I know that if I saw several 10oz drinks lined up in a row after a rough shift on cold bar, I might wanna die a little on the inside. I wonder how many partners might end up in this very position and start combining multiple drinks in the blender in one go. (I know we aren’t supposed to, but you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t do the same if you had eight 10 oz caramel Frappuccions in a row).

    At first I was confused as to why they would choose to test this beverage now, but I realized they wouldn’t want to wait until holiday to try too many tests (Ain’t nobody got time for anything new doing the Holiday promotion!) and the Winter promotion would be too cold to try then. The semi-warm weather in Houston will help this test get some notice without making all of the partners want to quit.

  • Claire

    Oops! I left out so many words in my first comment! Pardon me this one time. :) We had two call outs this morning coupled with it being the first cold day in Texas plus huge football games today too so needless to say we were rockin’ and rollin’ all day! (And my brain is fried!)

  • Lindsay

    This is exactly what I’d order .. I don’t often order frap’s because they’re just too much (too many calories, and after the first few sips, not as special tasting) — this would definitely help with those who just want more of a taste of yummy, than a 350cal dessert drink.
    I sincerely hope they introduce these everywhere, and make the decision on whether they work or not from there.

  • bmommyx2

    To be honest if I were going to have a frap or let my kids have one I would prefer this size. On the occasion my I let my kids have them I always split a short between two short cups. I mostly lost my taste for them because I find them way too sweet & I don’t like the ingredients in them.

  • bmommyx2

    you forgot the mention a smaller size allows them to promote the lower calorie & fat count

  • bmommyx2

    you can ask them to the split it up for you. I do the all the time & most partners will do it no problem.

  • Kurt

    That is a Strawberries and Cream behind the booklet in the picture above. Easy to order.
    -25-30 cents less only for a tall. 1/3 fewer calories (about half the pumps). And if kids like them they are appreciating a drink that is less sweet than a regular frappuccino. A 200 calorie treat can fit nicely into a kid’s day.

  • DaveZ

    Doesn’t matter. New frap recipe still sucks. 😉

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    • Katie Carson

      Its funny how everyone is all of a sudden saying its ok to drink this frappuccino or buy it for kids versus the tall come on its 2oz difference and you’ll be paying almost the same amount plus no kid should be having all that sugar and corn syrup no matter how small. Best believe all partners will be blending up to 4 mini frappuccinos in the same blender

    • Bethany Reiter

      Does anyone know the exact store locations that are selling this at the moment. I’m going to Denver next week and would love to try one!!

    • Meghan

      Hold on a minute — I could order a grande frappuccino and ask them to split it into two cups for my kids instead of making them share one cup??!

    • Charity

      I will still split a venti. lol
      Why order two drinks that add up to more than one and I get the same amount of ounces. just doesn’t make sense.

    • marie

      I had one in Spring Texas;
      3031 FM 1960
      Houston, TX 77073
      It is $3.50 for the mini,It is a good size for young ones but for adults you might as well spend the extra .50 cents and get 1 size up.

    • Mary Klahr

      I finally got my husband to like Starbucks and you stopped the mini. Please bring it back!!!!

    • Mary Klahr

      I finally got my husband to go to Starbucks because of the mini. Please bring it back!!!!

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