PrideTee2016 - image from Starbucks Coffee Gear store onlineIMAG9818 Starbucks 71 Pride t-shirtStarbucks has always been a huge supporter and advocate for the LGBT community.

In the 1990s, it was one of the first large corporations to offer health care benefits for same sex partners. I myself have known one partner who went through cosmetic surgery to transition from male to female, paid for by Starbucks health insurance. Starbucks has offered support to PRIDE related events. I just wrote about the Clean Sweep project, lead by Seattle PRIDE. Starbucks partners volunteered and donated coffee and pastries to the event.

During PRIDE month, Starbucks has allowed their stores to freely display PRIDE flags. (It’s mentioned in this article here.)

Starbucks designated 97 of their Seattle stores as a “Safe Place” last November, in response to Seattle crime numbers suggesting a “a possible modest uptick in attacks and menacing behavior aimed at the gay community.”

There’s more. There’s no question that the company is steeped in a long tradition of Gay, Lesbian, Bi Sexual, Transgendered equality.

In light of what’s happened in Orlando, I’d like to see Starbucks do a couple of simple things:

Allow all store partners (including Roastery partners) to wear PRIDE t-shirts all month long.

Expand the “Safe Place” program to more Starbucks stores.

Please share and vote up the PRIDE t-shirt idea.