I was out running errands and stepped into the small University Village Starbucks, just to ask for my at-home coffee to be ground. I had with me a bag of Rwanda Abakundakawa. The store was slow. I didn’t recognize any baristas – this isn’t my home store.

The barista “Finn” handed me this cup of coffee that someone MOP’d. That means that some customer had ordered a beverage via the Starbucks smart phone app. I’ve even written about the idea that it’s possible to gift drinks through Mobile Order and Pay but I never thought it would randomly happen to me.

Finn said to me, “Do you want a cup of coffee? The cup says ‘Just smile and give to someone.‘” He didn’t appear to recognize me.

How wonderful. I definitely drank it! Doesn’t matter if it’s 7:00 PM, I’m always up for a cup of coffee!

I’ve been MOP’d. Thank you to thoughtful person who sent a random cup of coffee to the store!

Just Smile and Give to Someone 07 September 2017 U Village North Starbucks

2017 Sept 07 MOP suprise U Village North