I stumbled upon a website full of merchandise promoting Howard Schultz for president of the United States, in 2020:


Of course, it is unofficial merchandise, but it’s thoughtfully done!

I can’t find a contact form on that site so I have no idea how to reach someone to ask a few questions. It’s not my site and it’s just something I stumbled upon via Instagram (please follow me on Instagram).

As far as I know, Howard Schultz hasn’t yet announced his candidacy for president! CNBC covered how he might stack up against other candidates here.

If this were a Facebook post, I would expect mostly laughing smiley reactions! Your guess is as good as mine on whether Howard will really run for president.

And if you are the owner of the above-mentioned Schultz 2020 memorabilia website, if you could just go ahead and drop a few things in the mail to me, that would be great! I’m a size small or medium in t-shirts, but definitely not a large.  Actually probably a small. Just send a little gift box to StarbucksMelody.com 4616 -25th Avenue NE #202, Seattle, Washington 98105. Thank you in advance for the thoughtful gift.

Now, where is that laughing smiley when I need it? I picked out a few items that I like below: