2 - 1 - IMG_20170119_202011 clover xThe Clover X is now landing in many more Starbucks locations. A reader in Canada just sent in his images via the Submit a Pic button on this site. This is a revolutionary new way to get your daily cup of coffee at Starbucks. It’s made fresh for you, per cup, within seconds. No more big batches of coffee just sitting around. It’s fresher. It’s delicious. It’s less waste because fewer coffee grounds are wasted. No more pots of coffee being poured down a sink.

This new “Clover X” does not replace the standard Clover for the Reserve coffee lineup. What is does do is offer a new way to get dark roast coffee, decaf, and an everyday brew (Pike Place Roast) at any time of day at your local Starbucks store.

The reader who submitted these two images said that he’s heard that about 50 Starbucks locations in Ontario, Canada are now using the Clover X. I’ve heard stories of it popping up in other cities as well.

Brew Revolution sleeves:
The stores that have it now get a special coffee sleeve!! I want one of these sleeves for my collection! If you have a “Brew Revolution” coffee sleeve to mail me, please do! (Or actually I collect old wall/ menu board signage too if you have that).

I would love to hear about your experiences with Clover X. I am excited for this national roll out. It looks like a move in the right direction: fresher coffee, and more coffee choices at any time of the day. Less coffee waste. We have to care about how we are sourcing coffee from farms. It’s amazing that there is even enough coffee to supply all the stores. Coffee is incredibly labor intensive from bean to cup, with lots of steps at the farm level. Coffee rust threatens crops. I’m grossly over-simplifying but nonetheless, I strongly believe we have to care about the “first 10 feet” as it is sometimes called.

2 - 1 - IMG_20170119_202651 brew revolution

^ If you have one of those sleeves, please mail me one! 🙂 StarbucksMelody.com 4616 – 25th Avenue NE #202, Seattle, WA 98105