This very short blog post is inspired by the thread, “A place to pour out coffee” at Starbucks.  It’s a common theme on that people want some sort of drain at the condiment area to pour out a little extra coffee to make room for cream or milk.  Here are a few examples of the kinds of threads on this topic:

There are a few Starbucks in Seattle that already have a drain in them.  The photo in this blog post shows one.  They look a little unsightly to me.  None of my regular stores have this drain so I have not heard feedback from baristas whether they like this drain at the condiment station.  As a black coffee drinker, I have a hard time getting behind the movement towards drains, but since so many people want them, I am writing this blog entry.  What do you think of having a drain at the condiment area? And if there are any baristas reading this who work at one of the few stores in Seattle with a drain, please chime in!