Lots of people have talked about the “test Frappuccinos” in Dallas, Texas.  It’s been a long test of the new and customizable Frappuccino, offering Starbucks customers the chance to try a soy Frappuccino, whole milk, or any other milk option, with much greater power in the hands of the customer to modify the drink as desired.  The test in Dallas, Texas has been ongoing long enough that there have been occasional threads on mystarbucksidea.com about it.

Of course, it makes good sense that this is a long test.  If Starbucks is really going to overhaul a beverage as iconic as the Frappuccino, they have to make sure they know what they’re doing.  Starbucks boasts 40 million customers a week pass through their doors. For many people – for MILLIONS of customers – when a person says the word “Starbucks” a mental image of a domed-lid plastic cup, whip cream, and a Frappuccino comes to mind, not a cup of Verona.  This is the reality.  It is what it is. Starbucks and Frappuccino are so deeply associated with each other, like McDonalds and Big Mac, or Sunkist and oranges, or Quaker and oatmeal.

Recently, StarbucksMelody heard very loose gossip that the test of customizable Frappuccinos is expanding.  In just a few weeks, so I hear, Starbucks customers of Vermont (somewhere in Vermont) will get their chance to try this new-fangled Frappuccino.  It doesn’t surprise me that the test is expanding.  It goes back to the company being thorough in testing before launching something as dramatic as this.  It does surprise me that Vermont is getting the new Frappuccinos in the middle of Winter.  I guess if Vermont can sell Frappuccinos in the middle of January, they’ll sell anywhere, any time.  Surely it must be cold there right now!

What do you think of the new Frappuccino?  Do you like the idea of overhauling the Frappuccino?

[[ Edit on January 1, 2010 – By random luck, a barista on the east coast sent me an image of some Frappuccino syrup that his store accidentally got.  He states that his store has never been part of the new customizable Frappuccinos.  The syrup simply arrived with a shipment of stuff, with no sku, and was not ordered by the store.  We know that the “Frappuccino syrup” is part of the new customizable Frappuccinos referenced in this blog post and so I want to share the image of the syrup with you:]]