IMAG4080 Tazo Tea store exterior 1 March 2013I thoroughly enjoy visiting the Tazo Tea store.  There is one single store, and it’s in Seattle’s University Village shopping area.  Each time I visit, I notice something new.  I dropped by the Tazo store on March 1, 2013, and took some quick photos.  By the way, one thing you must do while you’re there, is order a sparkling iced tea!  The iced tea of the day was Bramble Wine tea by Tazo, and it was fabulous iced and sparkling!

I have to mention the chocolates at this store.  One of the chocolate bars uses dark ganache chocolate, and a Lapsang Oolang black tea, with a little sea salt.  That’s a remarkable combination of flavors!  I smelled the actual Lapsang Oolong, and that was the darkest, smokiest tea I have ever smelled.  It is the French Roast of the Tazo Tea store.  It’s amazing but the smokey  flavor, mixed with dark chocolate, and sea salt really creates a stunningly rich and delicious chocolate bar.  Pick up a Lapsang Dark Chocolate Ganache bar when you’re there.  I also bought some Sultry Strawberry tea to try at home iced!

If you visit, be sure to pick up a Tazo Tea card for your Starbucks card collection.  It can be registered and use just like any other Starbucks card.

I don’t think I’ll say a lot more about the Tazo store.  All the photos speak for themselves.  (And I took all of these pictures on March 1, 2013.  If you like pretty pictures of Starbucks and Starbucks-related things, you can also check out what I’ve uploaded on Pinterest.)

6571 Tazo Tea store exterior wall 1March13IMAG4081 Tazo Tea store interior 1 March 20136567 Tazo tea store front 1 March 20136563 Tazo tea Lapsong black tea6557 Meggan samples the chocolates 1 March 2013 Tazo tea store - 26543 Tazo Tea store 1 March 2013 Sultry Strawberry tea6542 Sultry Strawberry tea - back of tea tin 1 March 2013 tazo tea store6538 Tazo brand powdered matcha 1 March 20136534 Bramble wine sparkling iced tea from the Tazo Tea store 1 March 20136532 Assorted herbal teas Tazo tea store 1 March 20136529 Sultry Strawberry Tazo tea 1 march 20136528 We steep Tazo tea store 1 March 20136523 Tazo tea store community table 1 March 2013