Starbucks has a method of getting feedback on store visits through a website called MyStarbucksVisit.  Randomly the register will spit out a survey receipt with a website address on it, and a special customer code.  The customer has 14 days within receiving this receipt to answer the survey, and once completed, can take the receipt to any Starbucks for a free tall hand-crafted beverage.  These are important surveys! Don’t toss them out.  This is your chance to be heard as a customer!

These receipts do not print out very often, and it’s been a while since I received a MyStarbucksVisit survey.  My last blog post about this was here:

MyStarbucksVisit – What the customer needs to know

In the last blog entry on this, I tried to explain in painful detail every aspect of the survey.  With this blog post, I will just highlight some important points:

  • Customers, if you like your Starbucks, make sure you click the “highly satisfied” button.  I have heard partners tell me that any scoring less than “highly satisfied” does not get the store partial points on the survey but rather ZERO.  So although there are five choices from the perspective of the store, this survey is an all or none scoring option.
  • The survey seems to have gotten shorter.  My last survey receipt from July of this year definitely had more questions on it.  I’m glad it is shorter:  I thought the last version of the survey was too long.
  • Remember to get BOTH receipts.  Previously with the old registers these printed out as one continuous long receipt. That was helpful so that you had what you ordered together with the survey receipt.  There was no way to lose half of the receipt and forget what you had ordered at Starbucks.  Now with the new registers, the receipts appear to be automatically cut in half for you, which in this case actually is not helpful.  You will be asked questions about your purchase so you want to keep both halves of the receipt.
  • It appears to me that there is at least one new question since the last time I reported to you about this survey.  Now you are asked ‘where you came from’ and ‘where you are going to’, which I don’t recall being asked in the past.

Here is the website for MyStarbucksVisit.

As to my own visit, I stopped into one of my regular Starbucks located on 7th and Pike in Seattle.  The actual address is 1524 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101, and it is located between Pike and Pine Streets.  I like this store.  Adam the store manager does an amazing job of hiring truly motivated people.  You know a Starbucks is amazing when from the customer-perspective, even the new partners fit right in and seem to have a great enthusiasm.  You can see from this receipt, I was on my way into work (it was 7:40 in the morning), and I was greeted at the register by friendly store-partner-Danny.  I used a free drink coupon for a Venti Black Tea, and bought a half pound of the Starbucks Reserve Ethiopia Ky Kebero coffee.  I’m not sure why the receipt says “Sidamo” because I was definitely buying Ky Kebero.  This store deserves a special shout out to Miriyam the ASM who also in a long-term partner and a fabulous brand enthusiast.  Yes, I was “highly satisfied“. 🙂

This is an open thread.  Feel free to talk about MyStarbucksVisit or any other Starbucks-related topic!