Dear Santa Starbucks or Howard Schultz or Big Starbucks Food Executive Vice President,

Once upon a time there was a lovely cookie called the Black and White cookie which was commonly found at Starbucks.  The cookie is still around, it’s just gone from common to rare.  It’s so good.  The bottom of it is sort of a soft vanilla spongy cookie, and it is covered in two icings: One half chocolate and the other half vanilla.

I have been good this year.  Honestly.  In big Sharpie pen at the top of my Christmas wishlist I told Santa that I want Black and White cookies at my local Starbucks.  It’s only a small little treat.  Not too much to ask for.  They come in packages of two, and the packaging has been carefully designed to tell you to pair it with Sumatra.  I got a slightly flattened package of the Black and White Cookies from someone in New Jersey.  The mail carrier wasn’t too careful with it from New Jersey to Seattle.  That is a very long trip for a cookie to make!  Surely the elves at the North Pole will be more gentle with them.  I followed the instructions and shared the little package of cookies from New Jersey with partners in downtown Seattle, and had a mini tasting of cookies with Sumatra from the Clover.  Wonderful, and it does work as a pairing! 

Is there some reason why these cookies are only found in New York, New Jersey, parts of Virginia and a few other East Coast locations?  Does Santa eat them all up as he flies east to west, and so none ever reach the West Coast?

Also, one more thing Santa Starbucks … Would you please ask your coffee experts on the 8th floor WHY it works so well to pair Black and White cookies with Sumatra?

Looking forward to your prompt reply.  Santa, if you need to email me, you can reach me at  Also, please tell all your elves to read my blog and “like” my Facebook fanpage.

Sincerely yours,


PS:  Santa if you have forgotten what these cookies look like, just check out the photos that I have enclosed in this letter.

((This is an open thread!  Feel free in the comments to write out your own Dear Santa Starbucks wish list!))