I rarely do this, but I frequently get asked why I have this blog and what I am doing with it.  There are a million blogs about Starbucks. I’ve found numerous barista blogs talking about in-store experiences, and there are blogs with a focus on recipes and Starbucks (CoffeeVanilla blog).  There is no doubt that the largest and busiest Starbucks blog is www.starbucksgossip.com – The guy who runs that is a journalist.  He scours the news for interesting topics and most (not all) of his blog articles are taken from current things happening in the news. Sometimes that is fabulous, such as when Zagat highly rates Starbucks coffee, and sometimes it’s far from uplifting when it seems like the news is dominated by lawsuit after lawsuit, whether baristas in Orange County, tip lawsuits in California, or the current Kraft-Starbucks struggle.  I can completely understand why Starbucks Gossip has its appeal, I just wanted to create another kind of space for people to enjoy Starbucks.  If you want to read about Starbucks merchandise and experiences in Japan, you might be reading Kaori’s  Bucked By The Star blog.  As I mentioned, there are just tons and tons of barista blogs.  There are so many baristas blogging about what it is like to be a barista that I’ve stopped looking for all those blogs.  When all is said and done, there is plenty of room on the internet for all Starbucks blogs.  It’s not a zero sum game.

Back to Coca Cola.  I like diet Coke.  This is no surprise.  I probably have a caffeine addiction.  I love what Coca Cola is doing with Coca Cola Conversations.  Notice the website tells you that the blog is partly produced by a Coca Cola staff historian.  I love that.  I know I joke that I am Starbucks historian, but really I don’t know nearly as much as long-term Starbucks partners.  I love knowing the place where Starbucks came from.  Take a look at this Coca Cola blog post:  1936 Historic footage.  Who knew that between 1886 and 1923, Coca Cola sold 154 million gallons of their beverage?  In the past, I’ve done things like uploaded the 1992 Starbucks Shareholders Report.  Did you know that in 1992 Starbucks operated 154 stores? (yes that is just a weird coincidence with the numbers in the last two sentences.)

Here is another gem from Coca Cola Conversations:  International Coca Cola logos.   That is great fun to see logos from around the world! I love it!  With this blog, sometimes I try to bring you international Starbucks experiences, and I’ve talked about their changing logo too.

When I stumbled upon the Coca Cola blog, I knew I had found my role model.  Odd but true.  The worst thing that could happen StarbucksMelody.com is that Starbucks could just start their own “Starbucks Conversations” and of course it would leave me in the dust.  Starbucks is a ten-billion dollar corporation annually.  Melody is just one person in Seattle. They could crush me like a bug at any time. 

Take a look at this one:  Coca Cola tells you the history of Diet Vanilla Coke!   That’s another great blog post.  Likewise, I’ve tried, as best as I can, to talk about unique Starbucks offerings whether discontinued or not.  Some of you might remember my episode on Starbucks Mazagran Bottle Soda.

The archive section of this blog has more old StarbucksMelody.com blog posts.  Click on the categories tab to sort by major Starbucks themes.

I assume that Coca Cola Conversations is going to be around for a long time.  That corporation has a 131 year history.  They are not going to run out of material any time soon!  It is possible that someday I might run out of content.  Though there is still a lot of coffee that I need to write about, and still many stores I would like to review.

Why should you read Coca Cola Conversations?  Because it is an uplifting and informative blog!  🙂  I leave with one more of my favorite StarbucksMelody blog articles:  14 t-shirts tell their Starbucks stories.

(My apologies for typos. I will go back and fix them.  I typed this up in record time).