Two new Starbucks stores have opened up in Germany recently!  And Starbucks in Germany is definitely growing still.  Here is a little info about two new-ish stores:

(1) Starbucks Main Taunus Zentrum, Sulzbach, Hesse.  Telefon – 30 05 86 86.  Located inside Taunus Zentrum Mall.

One of the two stores is a LEED Certified store in Sulzbach, which is a suburb of Frankfurt am Main.  My understanding is that this store is a relocation of a previous store, and opened in its current location on May 4, 2011, as per a post by StarbucksDeutschland on their Facebook page.  It is the second LEED Certified Starbucks in Germany – the first LEED Starbucks store in Germany opened up July 12, 2010 in Dresden.  From the photos of this store I don’t see any signage stating that it is a LEED store, however I’ve been assured by Sebastian, who sent me the photos, that indeed this store is LEED Certified.

I’ve included lots of photos of the new Taunus Zentrum Starbucks, which features lots of reclaimed wood tables, and a community bulletin board with local bus schedules.  The “Verkehrsmittel” are the local bus schedules.  This new Starbucks also shows off our new logo too! It’s beautiful.  I really love seeing the new logo prominently displayed in new stores.  It seems like Starbucks is amping up their new store openings, so I may have a few new store articles on the blog soon.

Thank you Sebastian for sending me these pictures! They’re gorgeous (and looking at the food makes me hungry. You’ve got great looking cakes and treats in Germany).


(2)  Starbucks Frankfurt Airport Store at the Squaire.  Hugo-Eckner-Ring.  Frankfurt, Hessen 60549.

This Starbucks is located just outside of the Frankfurt Airport at a nearby shopping center called “The Squaire” which is actually connected to the Frankfurt Airport Train Station. There are total of four Frankfurt Airport Starbucks including this one.  This store was built in August 2010 which is why it features the pre-2011 new logo.  It’s a little unclear to me whether the store opened in August or the opening for some reason was delayed.

Enjoy the photos!