Go Across the Magnolia Bridge: Find a Great Clover Starbucks.

I’m still on my journey to write about as many Clover Starbucks as possible.  Seattle recently added one more Clover brewer!  The Magnolia Starbucks underwent a major remodel and added a Clover!  For those who do not recall, the Clover coffee brewer is a special single coffee brewer where your barista handcrafts your coffee just for you.  All the stores which are designated as “Clover Starbucks” offer additional whole coffee choices, such as promotion coffees such as the Colombia Valley of Gold Supremo.

I dropped by this store on Sunday, September 2, 2012, and got there early enough to get some good photos!  I arrived before 7:00 a.m., and there was only one other customer in the store.  I walked in, and before ordering, I immediately starting taking pictures of the store’s lobby.  By the way, my last visit to this store before this one was on April 1, 2012.  I only remember that date so well because it was April Fool’s Day.  I had taken pictures on April 1st, however the store was too crowded with customers to really show off its remodel.  On this Sunday in September, a barista named Kaylan remembered me, greeted me by name, and welcomed me back to her store. I was totally amazed that she remembered my name five months after my first visit.  That’s a talent for names and faces!

By the way, if you want to visit this Starbucks, here is the address:

Magnolia Starbucks
3300 West McGraw Street, #100
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 298 3390

This store has continuously operated in Magnolia for a very long time!  The original grand opening of this Starbucks was June 17, 1992.  Congratulations on turning 20 years old  Magnolia Starbucks!

Here is the store’s Clover area:

By the way, on one wall there is a huge photograph of the original Magnolia Bridges.  Apparently there were two wooden bridges originally which eventually burned down and were replaced with a modern structure.   Kaylan was a great historian to help guide my tour of her store – here she is telling me about the history of the Magnolia Bridge!  The other photo shows that wall before the major remodel.  I took the photo with the LCD monitor in December of last year, and it’s not the same angle but it is the same wall:


The store really does look a lot different than before.  There didn’t used to be the bar seating along the Clover side of the store, and there used to be a fireplace along one wall in the lobby.  I only have a couple of pre-remodel photos (all from my December 2011 visit to this store), and I don’t have a photo of the fireplace.  However, these two photos give some sense of the “before” and “after” of the lobby:



One thing that strikes me about the “before” photo is that the comfy seating looks very worn.  The store really did look like it was due for a re-model.

One piece of trivia about Clover Starbucks:  You’ll notice that almost every Clover Starbucks always has one taller, circular table, just like the one in the picture above.  If you remove the stools, you have a great table for coffee cuppings or coffee tastings – I think the intent is to always have a good coffee tasting table near the Clover brewer.

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I hope you enjoyed your tour of the Magnolia neighborhood Starbucks.  Here’s just a few more photos of this lovely store.  (And thank you to the great partners who made my visits perfect.  I had a great time on both April 1st and September 2nd).

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  • purple1

    Melody I love the outside of this store and the remodeling looks very inviting. The bar set up near the clover is like the Harvard Square store? This store looks huge. How big is it? It also seems so open is that the case in real life. Great pics. Thanks again for the tour.

  • denise r

    Very nice re-model. It is really hard for me to even comment on these beautiful re-models anymore…after the big BIG fail here.

  • Cd

    The outside is very nice and has seating that looks a lot more comfortable than the outdoor seating Starbucks uses around here. Nice store with a nice update.

  • Starbucks Dave

    Wow! I love that big photograph and the history surrounding it! Seeing the old store designs versus the new ones really is like night and day! I always get so jealous of the amazing stores you show us! Haha.

  • Melody

    Starbucks definitely put a lot of thought into this remodel! Thanks for all the great comments above!

  • kate

    very nice store! btw if you are ever in NC they just put clovers in 2 stores near me :)

  • Charles

    Kate, where in NC are the clover stores located?

  • Anthony Stevens

    This is a great store. It’s my “home Starbucks” and I stop in most days. @purple1: It’s medium-to-large sized. Not nearly as big as the U-Village Starbucks, for example, but roomy. There are two seating areas: the back has two communal tables that seat six each, and a small kids’ area. There is also room along the bar near the clover for about 4 or 5 people to sit on bar stools. The front has a section with 6 “comfy” chairs, the tall circular table mentioned above, and then there are about 4 or 5 other small 2-seater tables along the front window. Kaylan is super, as are all the baristas that work there. Thanks for the post Melody!

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