Starbucks in Istanbul

My Starbucks-friend Sebastian Birr was just a on trip to Istanbul, and he took many beautiful photos of the stores in that city.  The Starbucks stores in Turkey are gorgeous.  Some are situated in beautiful historic buildings.  A number of stores have the new logo up.  He sent me an email with a few photos and little information about this Starbucks market, and generously gave me permission to share them here.

There are roughly 140 Starbucks stores in Turkey, per Sebastian’s research.  I checked the most recent Annual Report which shows that Turkey has 137 stores as of the end of Fiscal 2010.  Per Sebastian, about 93 of them are in Istanbul.  Interestingly, Sebastian learned that all stores in Turkey offer a fresh squeezed orange juice made right in the store, and all stores offer a Turkish coffee called “kahve” which he describes as tasting a little “chocolaty.”   All the Starbucks in Turkey offer free WiFi!  The business hours of most stores are very long.  Typical hours of business for a Starbucks in Turkey are 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.  The prices for beverages is significantly higher than buying beverages from a local merchant. (Per Sebastian:  “e.g.: a Mocha Frappuccino in Venti is like 13,50 Turkish Lira…a bottle of Coke at most food stores in the city costs like 1 to 1,5 Lira”).

All of the stores offer a number of food options, such as a spinach wrap called, “Börek,”  and there is a commonly-found  pastry called “Mozzaik Pasta.”  (“Pasta” means “cake” in Turkish.)  Another interesting tidbit is that the Coffee Frappuccino costs as much as the Caramel Coffee Frappuccino and both are the cheapest Frappuccinos on the menu…all other Frappuccinos, like Caramel Creme etc. cost more than these two.

So here’s our tour of Starbucks in Turkey.  Caveat:  I really hope that I got address information correct for the photos, but I got a little bewildered by the Turkish, and so I fear that I might have some mistakes below.

(1) First stop, the Beyoglu Starbucks:  I attempted to Google for an address for this store, and this is what I found:

Asmalımescit Mah. İstiklal Cad. No:134/A K:Zemin  Phone: +90 212 252 32 88


(2) Next stop, the Astoria Starbucks.  Address:  Buyukdere Cad. No: 127, Esentepe, Z1 – 13, Istanbul TR – 34.  Phone: 90 212 215 22 45


(3) Third stop, Starbucks coffee house Cevahir Meydan.  Address:  Buyukdere Cad. No: 22/2, Sisli, Istanbul, TR – 34 80740



(4) Next stop, the Kanyon Starbucks in Istanbul.  Address:  Kanyon Shopping Center, Buyukdere Cad., Levent GF, Istanbul, TR – 34 90 212 353 06 26

(5) Last but not least, Starbucks Yesilköy.  This particular Starbucks seems to have a busy Foursquare location.  That Foursquare location has an address for this store, but I’m not sure if that’s a complete address, and I struggled to figure out the exact address.  In any case, here of the photos of this beautiful store:




I hope you enjoyed your tour of Starbucks in Turkey.  I know there are a ton of photos to go through, but they are all such unique and beautiful stores.

The first ten people to leave a comment and tweet this blog post (please add “@sbuxmel”) win a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.  Contest ends at noon P.S.T. on September 4, 2011, or first ten comments, whichever comes first.  Commenters must have a United States address.  Spam is not permitted.  (Yes, “thanks for sharing” without more is spam.)  Your name may not include “key words.”

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  • Iron Chef

    This is fantastic. I really love the store that has baskets upon baskets of whole bean coffee. It really reflects that street bazaars that can be found in Istanbul. Some of these stores seem much more well designed than American stores!

  • Zach Jones

    Its so nice to see that Starbucks does so well in Turkey. I used to live in Dubai and the Starbucks there were always busy. I wish I had had the mindset to take pictures of all the beautiful stores at the time, anywhoodle, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and as I’ve said before, I appreciate greatly what you do and always look forward to your blog postings! Also, that last store pictured is probably one of my favorite looking stores I’ve seen in a long time!

  • Blakeco123

    Wow those are beautiful stores, maybe its cause im from the suburbs with small Starbucks stores but those look very spacious, any way cool store, even though the contest ended i tweeted @blakeco123

  • denise r

    thanx again Melody (and Sebastian) for another tour…one that I feel fairly sure I would’ve never seen w/out this post!

    I, too like the bags of whole beans sitting around. and the last store …’Yesilkoy”, really interesting. THAT looks like a coffee-house for sure.
    Noticed the same pendant orange-ish colored lights in one of the stores, (same as some here in the US) and also ? think that’s the new Siren hanging-lighted sign? one of the pics? (Kanyon)

    Very interesting..thanx for the trip! (sorry, I would ‘tweet’ but, I don’t tweet;)

  • purple1

    These stores are just so beautiful. I love looking at all the pics. Each store looks so inviting. Thank you. USA Stores are you noticing how beautiful these stores are!!!

  • TwentyFiveFifty

    Such beautiful stores! I think we have some really pretty locations here in the US also but then some really ugly ones.

  • TwentyFiveFifty

    What awesome looking stores! And the food sounds really interesting, more so than the offerings sometimes here in Seattle!

  • Darkkatpouncing

    I love seeing starbucks in other countries! My favorite one out of this post is the third stop. I really enjoy interesting buildings and get excited seeing what starbucks does with them :)

  • elly

    i really need to get off this continent; there is so much cool stuff out there :)

    i especially like the huge window with the lights, in store number 2.

  • Hayley

    Beautiful store!! I love the windows too! I am always so envious of the intl food offerings and seeing what Starbucks does with the architecture and designs. They’re so charming!

  • Hayley

    And thank you Sebastian for being our international Starbucks tour guide!! :)

  • Hayley

    Thank you Sebastian for being such a great International tour guide! :)

  • Steve

    Well I didn’t win a prize…too lat as usual…but I enjoyed the tour.

  • Melody

    Thank you every one who left a comment. Btw, Zach, I’m with you that that last store has more charm than should be legal. The exterior looks like you’re walking into a family home.

    1. Iron Chef – Long time no talk! I haven’t seen you drop by here in ages. I’d be happy to send you a $5 gift card – Please email me your mailing address. :)

    2. Zach Jones – Thank you for the kind words. I spend a ton of time just highlighting the fun and positive side of Starbucks, but many folks want some hot controversy to be interested in a blog. It means the world that there are other people, like me, who are charmed by store design and the fun aspect of Starbucks. I would be happy to send you a $5 gift card. I’ll need your mailing address. Please email me your postal address to

    3. Blakeco – Hi Blake! Welcome to the blog. I found you on twitter and followed you. I have no idea how you found your way here because you’re not following me on twitter. Please sign my petition too!

    Blake, I will be happy to send you a gift card. Just email me your postal address –

    Thanks again!

    4. DeniseR – Of course I will send you a gift card! Do you realize I need a second tour of Chicago to see some more Starbucks? LOL.

    5. Purple1 – Of course I will send you a gift card too! You did everything perfectly. Sometimes I find myself a little jealous of the international coffee offerings and foods. It sounds like they have great food there.

    6. Twentyfivefifty – Welcome to the blog. Please poke around, and “like” the blog’s facebook page. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if you have a twitter profile at all. I will be happy to send you a gift card – Please email me at – Include in the email your twitter name too. Thanks!

    7. Darkkatpouncing – Good to see you again! I will mail you a gift card. I think I have your address.

    8. Elly – If you want to travel somewhere together (where there is a Clover!) let me know! LOL. I’ll send you a gift card, and I have your new address. Hope you’re settling into your new place now. It’s been a couple of weeks.

    9. Hayley – I will be glad to send you a gift card. Always good to see you! I hope it is at least starting to cool off a bit in Arizona!

    10. Steve – Well, you’re the 10th person! But you didn’t tweet this blog post! 😉 Click on the “tweet” this button. I think I might need your address again because it has been a long while since I sent you anything, and I don’t know that I have saved it. Please email me – I will be happy to send a gift card out..

    Thanks all!

    And I hope others will come by who also enjoy these great stores. I love the view from the second store.


  • Michelle

    What beautiful stores! Because the designs are used over and over again in North America it’s refreshing to see such different and gorgeous store designs.

    Thanks Sebastian for sharing your photos with Melody so that we could see them!

  • Hayley

    Thank you Melody, much appreciated!!
    Ha! I hope so soon…but not today, it is 103° right now! But even still I had a hot pumpkin spice latte today…that’s dedication! I’m an east coast autumn girl at heart and always will be.

    I also meant to comment on the chandelier in the pictures…that is so unusual in a Starbucks (of course) but so pretty to see!

  • denise r

    I think mostly we need to remember how very very YOUNG the USA is, compared to amost everywhere! So, it’s much easier to find and use these “old” gorgeous buildings.
    ie: London….so full of history, of buildings (OLD). modern stores in old places. When I first visited there (early college semester…’71) I was just amazed at the ‘history’..the castles, cathedrals, etc..not that I didn’t expect it. Then one of my sisters and her family lived for a few yrs in kensington….right across from Kensington castle…while Diana was there! (she’d run into her on the street!!!) I visited a couple times around then,,,,and even ~10yrs later, there were SOME more modern buildings but atill…ancient and gorgeous compared to us. I know it’s been a BIG issue of Prince Charles…the archtitecture of the UK and keeping things precious and not some hideous modern structures,
    Sorry the rambling….. just a thought. (about the comparison of our buildings)

  • denise r

    ps: YES Melody! You do need to come back with just a bit more time so we can go downtown and see soooo many Sbux, so close together. ( Clover) Plus you need to see (along the way) many very cool siites of Chicago,
    (plus, you’ll need ……..PIZZA! :)

  • Melody

    @DeniseR – I love your rambles. It’s quite true that every time Starbucks puts a store in gorgeous 17th or 18th century building it is going to look more exotic than the strip mall drive thru Starbucks that many cities have in the United States. And yes, Chicago is a serious “yes” I must go back. You had me at ‘pizza.’

  • Anthony

    I really like the Astoria one — I’m a big fan of picture windows.

    But the Yesilkoy one looks quite special — more like a home.

  • Kaori

    Another fabulous tour! These photos are wonderful. It seems like the Starbucks in Turkey has very unique stores. I really love the Astoria store with the high ceilings and the lush wine-red curtains. Looks very Turkish to me for some reason. But then I’m reminded that Turkey is very much european as well from Starbucks Yesilköy and it’s gorgeous building. I loved getting to peak into a different world through their Starbucks stores. Thanks so much, Melody and Sebastian!

    PS: Sebastian, how many stores did you end up visiting during your stay? 😀

  • Sebastian

    Thanks so much Mel for this GREAT blog post! You did an awesome job on that! 😀

    @Kaori I visited about 73 from the 93 stores…gonna visit the remaining 20 stores by next xyear. :)

  • Sebastian

    @ denise r
    Yep, you are right. The Kanyon Store does offer the new logo. :)

  • Tina

    Oh my! The third and the last one are so pretty!! I love it.

  • Patrick Mooney

    Yes, there are some truly beautiful stores in Istanbul. I noted they had seasonal syrups like raspberry when over earlier this year. In addition they didn’t have a city mug, only tumbler. I’m back in Istanbul on Wednesday so I’m looking forward to trying something different. I couldn’t personally drink the Turkish Coffee, it was like tar. Too strong and bitty (yes I know you are not meant to drink it all).

  • camspi

    Oh my word. These stores are gigantic and beautiful! Its so neat to have a glimpse of this company around the world!

  • LatteRose

    I really do like taking these international “trips”!
    Thank you, Sebastian – wonderful photos!

  • Anne

    I’m in Istanbul now, and stopped by about 4 of these stores yesterday in search of an Istanbul city mug, unfortunately discontinued. What the pictures don’t show is how very messy the stores are, with empty cups and garbage left everywhere, and staff cleaning up infrequently. They also do not accept my Starbucks card from Canada, which I have used in many other countries. So I had to pay cash instead, later realizing that the guy at cash rounded up, did not ring in the purchase, thereby giving himself a very nice tip.

  • Cool Beans: The World’s Most Startling Starbucks Stores | Article Ann

    […] (images via: Starbucks Melody) […]

    • Wesley

      Ok if I borrow a few of your pictures for a Starbucks presentation at school?

      Thanks, with much appreciation,
      -Wesley W.

    • Jäyspäjä

      can you tell about the Starbucks prices in Istanbul. Im going there next week and I will definitely visit Starbucks also :)

    • Alev Dalboy


      This is Alev from Istanbul, Turkey :)
      I’m so glad that you and all the commenters liked the stores in our city. As a local; I thought it would be nice to provide you some more information.

      1- Almost every Starbucks in Turkey are large stores with many chairs and sofas, and the homelike decoration. As far as I know, the “homelike” atmosphere is the same in all the Starbucks’ in the world, is it?

      The reason we have larger spaces, because we love socializing in cafes chatting with friends for hours, so Starbucks becomes a greatest choice among the local cafes because it is self-service so you can sit a few hours with a friend and choose your drink among many options.

      2- I would like to correct the information about “kahve”.
      “Kahve” is the exact translation of “coffee”.
      What Sebastian had drunk must be “Türk Kahvesi” (direct translation as “Turkish coffee”) which is a type of unfiltered coffee; roasted and then finely ground coffee beans are simmered (not boiled) in a pot (in Turkish “cezve”), optionally with sugar, and served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle. -wikipedia-

      It is a great taste for Turkish people; but it is said to be ‘strong’ by foreigners; even though we find espresso ‘stronger’ than Turkish coffee, and they find espresso ‘lighter’. (We have been drinking it for over 300 years, maybe that’s the reason :)))

      Here is more info:

      3- Some current prices from Istanbul (November, 2016):
      Tall Cappucino 7,25 TL = 2,3 USD
      Tall Risretto Bianco 8,25 TL = 2,6 USD
      (1 USD = 3,13 TL)
      How is it in US? Are we still paying higher than you?

      P.S.1-: How I found your blog: from a case study text for my MBA.
      Did you know you were mentioned here? :)

      P.S.2- It would be great if I can have your opinions on the re-branding process in 2011, I will be submitting a report about it by Wednesday. How shall I contact you, via e-mail?

      Regards from Istanbul,

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