Giveaway: A Grande size tumbler exclusive to 1912 Pike Place Starbucks

At the 1912 Pike Place Starbucks, almost all of the merchandise is exclusive to that store.  You have to come visit Seattle to get it!  There are special mugs and tumblers, and an exclusive coffee too, which is called Pike Place Special Reserve.

During my last trip into this store, I bought a 16-ounce tumbler exclusive to the store.  And it is made in the USA too!  You can win this tumbler!  Just leave me a blog comment below.  Talk about whether you’ve ever been to this Starbucks, or whether you would like to visit 1912 Pike Place.  Or tell me what Starbucks destination would you like to visit?  Who knows.  Maybe you would love to visit Starbucks in India?  There is now a Starbucks in Ho Chi Minh City too!  I would enjoy hearing about your visit to 1912 Pike Place, or favorite dream Starbucks travel destination idea.

Your odds of winning depends on the number of entries.  No key words in your user name.  One valid entry per person.  Void where prohibited by law.  You must be over age 18 to participate.  I will ship this tumbler anywhere.  If you’re in Istanbul, and you have never commented on this site, this is your perfect opportunity to say “Hi”!  No spam comments.  You do really have to answer the Starbucks destination questions.  “I like coffee” is not a valid entry.  Because it can be a little overwhelming doing these giveaways, I will cap the number of entries at 125.   That means that there could be many more comments than that because some people will naturally comment about others’ comments without entering in.  You must post your comment before 9:00 p.m. (PST) February 14, 2013.

Please do not send me an email as your entry – that won’t count.  By the way, I apologize for this glitch, but if you are viewing this blog on a mobile device in mobile view, you may have to switch to desktop view to comment.  I installed “WP Touch” to make the blog more mobile device friendly, but it seems to have a glitch where you cannot comment in the mobile view.  I have no idea how to fix it.  This poor little blog needs help! LOL

Good luck winning your exclusive 1912 Pike Place tumbler!

I can’t wait to read your comments about your dream Starbucks destination.   As for myself, I would love to go see some of the international Starbucks stores, especially the famous “Bank” Starbucks in Amsterdam.  (Dear Starbucks, you can fly me there any time you like!)

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  • elly

    purple1, there’s actually (at least one) coffee tour up here that does include a starbucks. the tour guide tells how 1912 really isn’t the first starbucks, but is the oldest standing starbucks in existence. apparently it replaces the original, which was down the way a bit and no longer exists due to the building no longer existing (there’s a newer building there now, which houses a bunch of other stuff).

    it would be neat though, to have a fully starbucks tour!

  • Momiji

    I have been to 1912 Pike Place. It was so long ago, though. I want to go to any Starbucks with the Clover. Never had a Clover brewed coffee.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve never been to 1912 Pike Place. I would love to go though. My husband walked by there once on a work trip, he took pictures, but didn’t want to go there without me. How sweet!

  • Earl

    I’ve been to the 1912 Pike Place. It was definitely busy. I just had to go there when I visited Seattle. I’ll probably end up visiting some stores in the Philippines when I go there again.

  • geewhy

    If I ever make it to Seattle for a visit, I need to visit the original 1912 Pike Place location. Must see where it all began…

  • Sarah Matsumoto

    Melody, We would love for YOU to come to Japan, then we could take you to some pretty cool stores!
    As for me, I have been to the Pike 1912 a few times. Every time I get to Seattle, I always try and stop so I can take home some reserve pike place coffee.
    As many times as I have been in Tokyo, I still have never been to the Shibuya store which only sells the tall size cups…someday soon I hope!

  • Monica Dillow

    Melody, I have not been to the Pike 1912 location. But I enjoyed a location in NYC right around the corner from the Empire State Building. Honestly, the number of Starbucks locations is a reason I enjoy going into the city when I am in the Northeast area. But I sure would love to visit this Pike 1912 location. I would want a special reserve mug!

  • Johari

    I would love to check out the 1912 Pike Place sbux. But I’d love it even more to visit one in Brazil. I’m thinking Sao Paulo more than Rio.

  • CD

    I think I have a different take on this question than most. For me, it’s the people in the stores that make the difference and I choose to visit the stores I visit based on the people who work there. Not the food or coffee (those are good enough at any Starbucks) and not the decor, but the people – and they can be found in any Starbucks (just like you can find those who don’t have the passion for coffee or customer service at any Starbucks). So to me, the “destination” I would be looking for in a Starbucks, is one where there are real connections and dedication and I imagine a lot of us have that very thing without having to travel much farther than our own neighborhood Starbucks.

    But if I had to choose to visit any Starbucks, I think I would hop into my time machine and travel back 18 or so years ago. Back when all espresso shots were hand-pulled and the beans were scooped out of bins instead of sold in pre-packaged flavor-locked bags. Starbucks back then was a much more intimate place (with lots of chalk art!). There were no dome lids and no “new and improved” oatmeal, but there was true coffee and customer passion in a way that cannot be duplicated in a company the size of Starbucks today.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Starbucks has gotten bigger and gone beyond coffee. But that’s because I love Starbucks as a business. I think they do a great job in this day and age of finding people who can passionately represent their brand. And I appreciate the original principles are still encouraged today. The barista’s job today is a totally different job than it was 18 years ago – a sign of the complexity of growing the Starbucks brand.

    But if I couldn’t use my time machine, and I had to pick a store to visit, I think I’d pick one of the more architecturally unique locations (some of which have been highlighted by Melody). Two that immediately come to mind are the Fukuoka, Japan Starbucks and the location in the Netherlands known as “The Bank.” Those two and a couple more can be found in the link below:

  • Caitlin

    I’ve never been to the 1912 Pike Place location, but as a Starbucks barista I’d love to visit! I also work at one of the two Clover stores in my state and love me some excluusive Reserve coffee, so I’d love to try the Pike’s Place Special Reserve. Out of curiosity, is that brewed exclusively on the Clover, or do they brew that in the standard urns?

    If I could visit any Starbucks location, I’d love to visit an Asian Sbux. I know they often have various tea-based drinks not available here in the States, and I’d love to try them; I heard that last summer alone, one country (was it China? Japan?) had GTFs topped with red bean, and another tea Frapp made with Earl Grey jellies…both sound AMAZING.

  • Melody

    Caitlin, I just realized that you left exactly the 20,000th comment on this blog! Thank you! I should send you Pike Place Special Reserve just for that!

  • Caitlin

    I did?? Wow, congrats on the 20,000 comments! To be honest, I just stumbled across this blog tonight, but I’m definitely going to bookmark it and come back to read more of your posts. :)

    (On a sidenote, please ignore the “Pike’s” typo in my first comment…as a barista who hands out a a gazillion “grande Pike”s everyday, I’m embarassed at how often I still reflexively add the apostrophe “s” when I have to write out the full name. :P)

  • Ai

    Caitlin, I can tell you Japan definitely had the azuki GTFs (azuki is Japanese for red bean paste.) I don’t remember if the Earl Grey jellies was Japan, but I wouldn’t be surprised (it’s a popular flavor there).

  • denise r

    @CD: voted up.

  • ashley

    I have not been to the Pike 1912 location. I would like to visit Starbucks in Thailand or Tokyo!

  • Khaled

    I’ve never visited any Starbucks outside of Malaysia, but going to 1912 Pike Place Starbucks would be a dream come true to me! Bagging some of the merchandise there (and also the PPSR) is a must. Other than that, maybe I’d like to go to a particular Starbucks in Paris or Hong Kong, which Winter said during his journey, were among the best Starbucks he had ever visited (I’m not sure about the names though! LOL)… =)


    I have never visited a Starbucks outside of the United States. I would love to go to any country and indulge in the food and great cup of Starbucks coffee. I am a senior of age and this is just a dream not a reality. The best I and nearest I can come is entering this contest trying to win an amazing mug to drink my Starbucks coffee out of purchased in America.

  • Rachel

    I would LOVE to visit the 1912 Pike Place store. And I’d LOVE to win this tumbler! I’m obsessed with everything Starbucks, but traveling that way is not in the cards for us right now :(

  • COle JB

    Up until recently I never new of all the things that Starbucks has to offer. Reading your blog has open my eyes to a new experience when I go to the shops. I make it a requirement to take my time and go in the store rather then drive through. This summer my family is planning our vacation and one of the suggestions was to head to Seattle, Washington. Um Yes please! One of our destinations would be the Pike’s Place Starbucks. May have to introduce my little one to a special her size drink (caffeine free of course). I would love to travel more and see some of the other international places also but for now US shops will do. Thank you for all that you blog.

  • Bruce

    I used to live within walking distance of the original Starbucks location and would help misguided tourists who wanted to see where the coffee was grown (yes, really!).

    My wife collects ceramic Starbucks mugs from the many places we travel; we have ones from Barcelona, Bangkok, Beijing, Chicago, Dallas, Germany, Kyoto, London, Madrid, Memphis, New Mexico, New Orleans, New York (2 different ones), Osaka, Seattle (city and “Pike Place”), Surabaya, and Tokyo.

  • Melody

    Giveaway list –

    1. Alan Easley
    2. Sebastian
    3. Sarah
    4. Amanda
    5. Nathan
    6. Lorna Yates
    7. Lesley
    8. Marlana
    9. Emmanuel Levy
    10. Melanie
    11. Dave
    12. Jeff
    13. Purple1
    14. Jordan
    15. Derrick
    16. Brian
    17, Jason
    18. Brett Wikoff
    19. Carmen
    20. Realena P.
    21. Cristina
    22. Travis Crayton
    23. Jeffrey
    24. Bob Smith
    25. Evergreen
    26. Caroline Hardin
    27. Ria
    28, Erin H.
    29. Yulia
    30. Inna
    31. Julie
    32. Jackie
    33. f.
    34. Kurt
    35. CardiffGal
    36. Ai
    37. DadCooks
    38. Philster
    39. Inna
    40. Artur
    41. Lori
    42. Pia
    43. Sue
    44. Peggyy Vessey
    45. Devin
    46. Tom
    47. Stephanie Schauk
    48. Winnie
    49. Kirs
    50. Stephanie Jimenez Kaiser
    51. Lena
    52. CamSpi
    53. Kathleen
    54. Larjon67
    55. Superstevies
    56. Leslee
    57. Ensanguin
    58. Calwatch
    59. Allison
    60. Marcus Anderson
    61. Audry
    62. Darkkatpouncing
    63. Songphon
    64. Elly
    65. Shane
    66. eric
    67. Carla J.
    68. Rachel Carter
    69. Samantha
    70. Eric
    71. Nathan
    72. Sheila
    73. Becky E.
    74, Stefanie
    75. Laura
    76. Kate
    77. Scott
    78. MerrynCole
    79. Victor O’Rourke
    80. BCav
    81. Jennie Loefler
    82. Ana Alidio
    83. Jo Castle
    84. Freed
    85. Tim Sandor
    86. Taylor de Sa
    87. DeniseR
    88. Kristian Torres
    89. Laily Haikal
    90. Momiji
    91. Stephanie
    92. Earl
    93. geewhy
    94. Sarah Matsumoto
    95. Monica Dillow
    96. Johari
    97. CD
    98. Caitlin
    99. Ashley
    100. Khaled
    101. Rachel
    102. Cole JB
    103. Bruce

    When I do these giveaways (which have averaged about one per month for a while now) I usually try to accomplish a couple of things. If I can think up a good topic, the conversations in the these threads become an incredible read. I can say without any doubt, this thread was a great example of that. It was super fun reading through everyone’s dream Starbucks destination.

    I also hope that lurkers will feel welcomed to make their first comment. I can’t lie – I do hope that some people may be encouraged to join and continue the conversations again in other threads. And sometimes, I will see familiar names that I haven’t seen in a long while, and all I can think is “I miss you.”

    To a much smaller degree, I hope the giveaways encourage sharing of the blog, but I realize that’s something that pretty much has to happen organically.

    I hope to have the winner’s name posted by sometime tomorrow. Not sure exactly when. I really do appreciate the participation, and hope that you’ll be encouraged to discuss things in other threads. I might take a break – at least a short break – in putting together these giveaways. The place where I work is filled with “organizational uncertainty” and until that’s resolved, I probably should cut back on giveaways.

    Thank you all for reading this and being here.


  • Melody

    And the winner is … 34. Kurt!!!! Congrats Kurt!

  • Megan

    Hi Melody – I enjoyed perusing your website, which I stumbled upon after searching for an image of the tumbler you are offering. I wanted to ask a friend which one he would prefer as a gift – this one or the brown one. I am a Starbucks devotee – having frequented stores all over Europe – and gone through a panoply of city/country tumblers. I think that the Starbucks phenomenon over there is quite interesting because it really was the first place that offered the option of cozy chairs and staying as long as you want (still the only one in the latter regard). It is a favorite hangout for young people and students anywhere I’ve been in Europe. I’m not much of a coffee fan, but I drink the Tazo tea and loved the sweets they used to have – before the changeover this summer.

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