Joel Hall is an eight-year Starbucks partner who says he used to just doodle on the cups now and then, “but about 3 weeks ago I came in on my day off and really put some effort into the designs. I’ve had a great reaction from customers, both regulars and new. Everyone seems to like them and always asks if they are something new with Starbucks. A lot of the time they remark that it looks like they are printed on the cups themselves. I just use a pen and a sharpie to draw them on.”

I think they’re pretty cool.  I definitely know that I would be reluctant to hastily toss one of these into the garbage!  I would be flattered that I got one of the special cups.  It sounds like he’ll drawn on a few cups during his own time, and then randomly surprise and delight a customer with a custom-drawn cup!  I bet people do love getting something totally unique!

He also has an Instagram profile as @Shonkey.

So what do you think of these cups?

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