Please share your favorite coffee pairing!  I saw this comment on my blog’s Facebook page: “Melody I would love to see a blog post or Facebook post for people to chime in on pairings they have tried and loved (or even hated, lol).

This isn’t a giveaway or a contest.  But I thought that if you had a favorite pairing idea, you could share it in the comments below.  When I return to Seattle (after an upcoming vacation), the first week of July, I’ll compile  a variety of your comments and emails, and put it together as a blog article.  Please DO send me your pictures of your coffee pairings!  Melody at – I hope that I’ll have a bunch of pairing ideas and photos to share with you in July.  The only thing I ask is that you don’t send in old photos of discontinued coffees.  If your favorite pairing was Organic Shade Grown Mexico and some food to go with it, nobody reading my future July article will be able to replicate that pairing.  (I would love to hear about your pairing ideas for Kati Kati coffee too.)

Thank you to Jasmyn on Facebook for the great blog article idea!  I hope this works.  Please share your coffee pairings experiences – whether you’ve loved or hated that pairing.