Some people are definitely using the “Submit a pic or a tip” button on this blog. I appreciate that! I get a lot of entries though that I can’t do anything with. There’s no email address requirement on the “submit a pic or tip” button and a few people write to me as if I’m customer service.

In the midst of the entries, I received these fabulous photos of the Upper St. Martins Lane Starbucks, which is a flagship store for the UK, and the first true Reserve Bar for the UK. You can follow the store here on Twitter.

Thank you to reader and Twitter user James Brown for these gorgeous, high resolution photos:

IMG_20151024_185113 MenuIMG_20151024_185148 view of storeIMG_20151024_185201 merchandise London Reserve StarbucksIMG_20151027_105204 Siphon at London Reserve StoreIMG_20151027_114026 carbonated espresso mint at Reserve Starbucks London