When it comes to brand-spanking new Starbucks stores, the wood used in espresso bars, table tops, and the walls often has a story to tell.

Yesterday, I walked into the Starbucks at Minor and Allen, in Kelso, Washington.  That’s a small town in South Western Washington, not too far from Portland, Oregon.  This new store will have its one year anniversary on July 13, 2013.  (It’s store #15741 at 1509 Allen Street, in Kelso, Washington.  The phone number is 360 577 2598)  I know that Starbucks store design tries to design new stores with locally relevant reclaimed wood for tables, espresso bars, or what have you.

At the register, Jeannie greeted me – she was very cheerful!  I ordered my beverage, and she requested my name for my cup.  There was no one behind me in the line.  So I asked, “Jeannie, what’s the story that goes with the wood in your store?”  She said, (not verbatim) “Before there was a Starbucks on this site, there used to be a bowling alley on this land.  The bowling alley – called the Highlander Bowl & Restaurant.  When this store was built, the wood from the actual bowling lanes was reclaimed for our community table and other table tops.

Needless to say, I was completely and totally impressed with her reply to me.  And as I looked at the tables, I suddenly did see a bowling alley.

Congrats to store design for incorporating the bowling lanes into this Starbucks!

IMAG5933 Minor and Allen Starbucks Kelso WashingtonIMAG5936 Entrance Minor and Allen Starbucks Kelso WA 01 July 2013