IMAG5947 Jess coffee seminar East Olive Way Starbucks 1 July 2013Time to talk about Starbucks Kati Kati blend as an iced coffee!

At the East Olive Way Starbucks,  Coffee Master Jess walked us through a coffee tasting of iced Kati Kati coffee, prepared by three different brew methods.  I am a fan of iced Kati Kati!  I simply like it from the Clover and then iced!

The three brew methods used for tonight’s coffee event were: (1) Traditional hot brewed with a paper filter (double strength) (2) Clover brewed and (3) Cold brewed.

Traditional brew method:  For this brew method, you’ll always want to use double the amount of coffee that you normally do.  The reason for that is that when it’s poured over ice, it gets a little diluted, so you want to start with a stronger coffee.  I (and a few others) could detect a very subtle roastiness in the aroma, and other notes like grapefruit, citrus, and orange.  The flavor notes of the coffee were juiciness, tang, and a lingering aftertaste.

Cold brewed:  For this brew method, you want to use a fine grind, and let it sit for 12 to 24 hours.  After the coffee has fully “brewed,” you can use a filter to separate the grounds from the coffee.  You can make cold brewed coffee using any container.  Grounds on the bottom, and then water on top.  The aroma of Jess’ cold brewed coffee was the most unique: it was the spiciest, with some cola and chocolate aroma notes.  This was sweeter than the other iced coffee methods, and almost a bit syrupy.  Of course it is all subjective, but this was my least favorite of the three cold brewed Kati Kati coffees.  This had some flavor notes similar to a Mexican hot chocolate.  It was almost a bit too rich for me – I think I want my iced coffee to be light and refreshing.  I might have liked this better if it were diluted more with water, but as can happen with cold brewed coffee, you end up with something akin to a coffee concentrate.

Clover brewed Kati Kati coffee:  This was amazing.  I don’t always think that the Clover is the best brew method for every single coffee.  Brew method can really affect the flavor of a coffee.  But for Kati Kati, the Clover is a winner.  It felt like the actual iced Kati Kati was a little smoother from the Clover.  We noticed less tang and juiciness from the Clover-brewed iced Kati Kati.  It’s funny, but in the group attending this coffee tasting (held on July 1, 2013), I heard some people talk about the coffee being lighter, and others thinking it was heavier than the traditionally-brewed coffee.  I liked that Kati Kati from the Clover had a nice clean finish.  There was a little bit more sediment in the cup than with the traditional brew method, which is to be expected because of the use of a filter in the traditional brew method.

Thank you Jess for a great coffee tasting!  Jess is an incredibly knowledgeable Coffee Master at the East Olive Way Starbucks.  Please come to a coffee seminar – they’re generally every other Monday, at 6:00 p.m, though I recommend that you call ahead to confirm the coffee event schedule.  These coffee seminars are open to the public, and free to attend.  The store’s phone number is (206) 568 – 5185.  Information about coffee events can also be found on the East Olive Way Starbucks’ Facebook page.

If you don’t have a Starbucks location near you, you can order Kati Kati coffee from

Enjoy the photos!

IMAG5971 Kati Kati whole bean - Coffee seminar on 7-1-2013 at East Olive Way StarbucksIMAG5960 Kati Kati packaging 1 July 2013IMAG5967 Jess with bag of Kati Kati coffee 1 July 2013IMAG5962 Kati Kati coffee event 1 July 2013 - 3 different brew methodsKati Kati coffee information from 7July2013