Scott is a shift supervisor in the Seattle Municipal Tower Starbucks (store 111).  He is a fantastic artist, and such a nice guy.  I’ve dropped by his store many times over the past two years and oohed and ahhed at his hand-drawn Starbucks signs.  If you drop by the Seattle Municipal Tower Starbucks (also known as the Key Tower Starbucks sometimes) right now, you’ll see this sign, all free-hand drawn by Scott:

DSC00353 CasiCielo Art2And I will tell you that Scott is a just very nice guy to be around!  I think Starbucks is so lucky to have him.  I actually dropped by this store on the Monday before the launch so I could be the first to see his new art, and it wasn’t done yet.  He was in the back working on it.  Apparently this Casi Cielo sign was something he just threw together quickly.

Just last month, this store displayed this great Christmas Blend chalkboard sign (sorry this is a lower quality photo):

IMAG8394 Scitt's Christmas Art - Key Tower Starbucks 2013I asked Scott a few questions about his Starbucks career and learned that he’s been a partner for quite a while.  He started his Starbucks career in San Antonio, and then in 2006 moved to Seattle.  He’s now a shift supervisor.  He took a break from the company during some of 2011, and then returned to Starbucks, working himself back to a shift.  He’s been at the Seattle Municipal Tower store for a little over two years.  His favorite core coffee is Verona, and his favorite seasonal coffee is Casi Cielo.

I have been been a fan of Scott’s artwork for quite a while.  Past chalkboards that I’ve featured by him include a 3 Region Blend sign (first of several photos), Casi Cielo 2013, Christmas Blend 2012 chalkboard sign, Anniversary Blend 2012, Indivisible Blend, and Christmas Blend 2011.

I’ve posted a few of Scott’s chalkboards on the Facebook side of this blog, (please “like” the Facebook page) but in case you didn’t see them, here are a couple more:

IMAG6342 Kati Kati chalkboard Seattle Municipal Tower Starbucks - 24 July 2013-2Anniversary Blend 2013 - key Tower StarbucksI hope you enjoyed this look at Scott’s art too.  All of the art in this article was free-hand drawn by Scott, and all of it was on display at some point in Starbucks store #111. My apologies that some of the photos are very low quality.

If you ever want to submit Starbucks art to be featured on this site, please do email me.  Thanks!