Recently a store partner in North Carolina emailed me because of my previous blog post on Starbucks chalkboard art.  This partner creates and draws all of the chalkboard art on display in his company-operated Starbucks in North Carolina. He was happy to show off his amazing art work, and since I am still in awe of the creativity beneath the green apron, here is yet another episode of chalk art.  As a reminder, the previous chalkboard art episode is here:

The Starbucks chalk art contest: Entries and Winners

^That post, to date, is one of my single most favorite blog posts here at this site.  It is STILL a joy to click on it and browse through the 35 or so pieces of art that baristas and customers all over this country, Canada, and a few in the UK, submitted to this site.  If you have not looked at that blog post, I recommend it highly.

Thank you so much to Andy in North Carolina who sent me these drawings.  This blog wouldn’t really work without all the many people who participate in it in so many ways. The emails I get (, the comments, and the people who visit are all important. Thank you!

And now for a little more art to show off: