photo-10 Sweet TeaIf you’re in a sun belt state, you might notice that as of March 4, 2014, you have Starbucks sweet tea available to you. Last fall, Starbucks tested their cane sugar sweetened Sweet Tea in a limited number of places, such as North Carolina. It’s now a regional product offered in numerous cities in warmer climates such as Atlanta, Austin, and other sun belt locations. The official Starbucks menu item page for the Sweet Tea is here.

Real cane sugar is added to the black tea as its brewing. There are no pumps of classic syrup added later, as is the case with how Starbucks has traditionally sweetened their iced teas. Because the sugar is added while brewing, the Sweet Tea is available as a black tea only. From what I hear, this has been very popular in the southern areas. I haven’t tried this item because it hasn’t made its way to Seattle. Somehow I see Sweet Tea as more of a regional product offering. I suppose it could be launched nationally but I would assume that there are certain regions where it would sell the best.

A big thank you to the reader in Austin, Texas who emailed me this photo of the large banner sign.

Sweet tea from Starbucks website screen cap on 9 March 2014

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