In 2003, Starbucks produced a special coffee passport for partners: it was possible to enter in a contest to win a trip to Africa. A reader recently sent me these photos, and I love them! A prerequisite for entry in this giveaway was completing this Passport to Africa. What a great idea.

Here are the pictures:

2 - 1 - Passport to Africa3 cover copy2 - 1 - Passport to Africa5 copy2 - 1 - Passport to Africa4 copy2 - 1 - Passport to Africa2 with Visa logo copy2 - 1 - Passport to Africa1



I personally really enjoy the stories of Starbucks of yesteryear. I have a category called Starbucks History Lessons where you’ll find more of these kind of articles.

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On a completely new topic, I received an email from a reader in Detroit who wanted me to talk about the new Starbucks in downtown Detroit. In 2008, Starbucks closed their stores in the downtown Detroit market, and so the new Starbucks that opened on April 10, 2014, is a first in six years. To be honest, what surprised me the most about this article is that it mentions that there is only one company-operated Starbucks in the whole city of Detroit. If I lived in Detroit, I too would be very happy to see a few more stores come my way, licensed or not. So upon reader request, I am sharing the Detroit news. Congratulations on a new store!

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