#TBT “Your Drink Starts Here.”

If you had walked into a Starbucks 15 years ago, you would have been met with the “Your Drink Starts Here” campaign, emphasizing the coffee quality and journey. Here’s a bit of the in-store signage for “Your Drink Starts Here.” You can even see the display dates were January 2001. The SSC creative designer for this project was former partner, Sandy Nelson.

Take a peek at other Starbucks moments of yesteryear by browsing the Starbucks History Lessons collection here on StarbucksMelody.com.

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  • Christine

    Melody: Did you work for or do work for Starbucks back then??? Are you working for SB now? Did you do those posters, or (I don’t know what to call them) drawings?

  • DadCooks

    Melody, thanks for the trip down memory lane, when Starbucks was my Third Place and Coffee was still in the Starbucks name.

  • Melody

    @Christine – I have never worked for Starbucks – don’t work for them now and never have. I feel like much of the advantage edge for this blog is simply that I live so extremely close to Roy Street Coffee, the Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, as well as the headquarters. Just being in Seattle is an advantage. I have no question, the blog wouldn’t work as well if I lived anywhere else. I befriended a former creative design partner and she generously gave me a few posters that had been her projects from when she was in the SSC creative design, many years ago. And I’m thankful for every single time a partner gives me a tip about something that is happening at Starbucks!

  • Melody

    @DadCooks – As I’ve often said the “coffee” part of Starbucks has slowly become a segmented experience. There are some stores where there’s very little real coffee knowledge and others that live and breathe coffee passion.

  • Lisa Waller

    These are the kinds of articles I like most… Vintage knowledge. I love the descriptions here… Sultry, wild abandon.

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