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Untitled-2 screen cap 11 April 2014 Torrefazione coffeeAt StarbucksStore.com, it caught my eye that they’re now selling Torrefazione Italia Coffee! They were a small Seattle business that Starbucks purchased over ten years ago. I remember going to the Seattle, Pioneer Square location now and then. They offer a very beautiful, high quality Italian coffee great for drip or a shot of espresso. I still see the brand now and then – though only as coffee offered through other businesses, such as the free coffee at Gene Juarez Salons. The Torrefazione Coffee may be part of the Starbucks Office Coffee program or other program for businesses only. In any case, I remember that Torrefazione was an amazing and enjoyable rich coffee. It’s great to have the chance to order it online! If you want to read about the history of Torrefazione Italia, this Seattle times article covers it fairly well.

Untitled-3 strawberry lemonade viaI want to point out that the Starbucks Strawberry Lemonade Via Ready Brew is still available at StarbucksStore.com. Of all the Via Ready Brew Refreshers, this is by far my favorite. It’s not sold in Starbucks actual stores (yet) though I’ve heard it sells so well, it may be a summer item inside your neighborhood Starbucks store. You can also find the Strawberry Lemonade Via at your local grocery store. It’s the perfect balance of strawberry and sweetness. I know a number of my readers have tried it and loved it. It’s beginning to look like spring! Try this Via on a beautiful day with blue skies, a tall chilled glass, and lots of ice cubes.


DSC00712 Starbucks new roasteryIt’s been all over the news that Starbucks will soon open a combination roastery, cafe, and Tom Douglas Serious Pie restaurant all under one roof. An older building that once housed Utrecht Art Supply in Seattle will be the home of the new Starbucks venture. I’m pretty excited. It’s extremely close to home for me. According to a blogger from Depotbanken fรผr ETFs, it’s at Pike and Minor, (where Melrose meets Minor) technically in the Capitol Hill but that area is on the edge of Downtown and First Hill neighborhoods. The address should be 1124 Pike Street, since that was the old Utrecht Art Supply address. I walked by the other day and snapped a photo of the place under construction. There is a Seattle Times article about the new roastery/ Serious Pie pizza restaurant here. I’m a fan of Tom Douglas restaurants too. All of the Tom Douglas restaurants offer Starbucks coffee, and as you may recall, Starbucks developedย  Thanksgiving Blend coffee in partnership with Tom Douglas.

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