Today was the grand opening of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. I wrote about this extensively yesterday, but wanted to share more photos. You can see the place come to life. One of the very first customers in the door was a friend of mine, named Brad, who took this photo:

image1 Howard Schultz at the door(Click to enlarge). That is the most amazing photo. According to Brad, Howard threw the doors open, welcomed everyone to the Roastery, and then he went inside. Quite a store opening!!

Just want to share a few more photos from today. There’s such much to see at this store, I felt like I needed one more article. Once again, look for the Roastery at 1124 Pike Street, in Seattle.


2 - 1 - DSC01077 Roastery wall near entrance 5 Dec 142  - 1  -  DSC01098 dylan and aaron scooping coffee 5 dec 142 - 1 - DSC01100 The Roastery Starbucks Card2 - 1 - DSC01072 mocha biscuit and jam 5 Dec 142 - 1 - DSC01078 scoop coffee bar 5 Dec 142 - 1 - DSC01036 Library at the Roastery - 5 Dec 142 - 1 - DSC01030 chad moore making a Chemex of coffee 5 Dec 142 - 1 - DSC01034 menu at the Roastery 5 Dec 142 - 1 - DSC01091 glassware for sale at the Roastery 5 Dec 14