One of my readers sent me a pic of his Starbucks cup and said: “I found this sticker on my Starbucks coffee cup this morning. Have you heard of this #LattesForLife campaign??

Joshua Gaynor's Cup 8 Aug 15Turns out, Twitter is buzzing with the hashtag #LattesForLife, which is a partnership between the Gift of Life Donor Program and Philadelphia area Starbucks locations. The partnership brings awareness to organ and tissue donor registration (from their website): “#LattesForLife is the second-annual campaign partnering Gift of Life Donor Program and our local Starbucks affliates. We are teaming up to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation. Organ donors save lives… would you save a life if you could?

Part of the campaign encourages Starbucks customers to post a selfie with their cup and #LattesForLife sicker! Follow Gift of Life on Twitter here.

Thought I’d pass on the news of this great partnership: If you’re not an organ donor, register!

Lattes For Life screen cap 12 Aug 15Untitled selfies Selfies cap from twitter profile Donors1 Twitter 12Aug15