A Starbucks partner sent me a pic of a reusable straws and an idea to go with it: What do you think of an idea of a reusable straw discount at Starbucks?

The idea is this: If you bring in your own straw to Starbucks, you get a discount on your cold beverage. I like the idea in combination with the current cup discount. Starbucks could give you 5 cents off for a reusable straw and 10 cents off for your own cup. If you bring in your own reusable cold cup, including the straw, you would get 15 cents off of your cold beverage purchase.

It’s an idea that could potentially reduce straw use. Starbucks has announced that they are moving to all compostable straws in their stores, but this isn’t a perfect solution. In cities like Seattle, where industrial composting is the norm, the Starbucks compostable straws can be tossed into compost bins and they’ll be composted with traditional organic compostable items. However, it will absolutely be the case that most of those compostable straws will still end up in land fills. It’s silly to think that 100% of all customers will manage to toss their compostable straws into the compost bins (many will land in the garbage), and in cities where city curbside composting is non-existent, the straws will necessarily go into garbage, and ultimately landfill waste. It’s true that compostable straws are an improvement over the previous plastic straws, but it’s not perfect.

Using a flat plastic lid with your cold drink gives a the customer a weightier plastic lid: This can easily be tossed into a recycle bin.

Still, reusable cold or hot ware, (and for-here ware) are far more earth-friendly solutions. Actually, maybe there’s a good argument that it’s time to raise the cup discount: Starbucks could consider offering 15 cents cup discount for your own cup, and 5 cents for a reusable straw. A customer ordering a cold beverage would then get 20 cents off of his or her cold beverage purchase.

What do you think?

(H/t – Thank you Aymee for the pic and idea! You can find StarbucksMelody on twitter, for Starbucks updates, news, information, and few non-Starbuckian tweets.) Reminder, if you want to see more photos that customers submit to this site, visit StarbucksMoments.com.