What’s your name on the side of your Starbucks cup? I hadn’t thought much about it until I saw this collage:


Amanda names 20160825_100226-COLLAGEStarbucksMelody-reader Amanda used the Submit a Pic or a Tip button and sent me this collage.

Here’s what she said:

One of the things I do when I go to Starbucks is get a different name on my cup. I let the Partners pick the name. In my home store, they do the more funnier names because they know me. Anyways, thought I’d share a collage of several of the names.”

I laughed at the names on her cup. Also I was pretty interested at how the experience is different with stickers. Here in downtown Seattle, all cups are marked up with code codes and Sharpie pens. In my area, the only time you find a sticker in going through the drive thru, and where I live in particular, most stores are cafe stores. Even though it might seem silly, I have almost no experience with stickers inside Starbucks cafe stores.

This is a cute twist on “What’s your Starbucks name?”!