The Starbucks Reserve Roastery has an intriguing new cold brew drink. It is the Cranberry Snap Cold Brew, combining cranberry juice, a ginger syrup, Roastery Cold Brew coffee (currently made with a single-origin Colombia coffee), orange zest, and of course a little theater in the making of it!

You’ll find it at the Experience Bar area of the Roastery, which is the bar area on the far west side of the building. It’s a place to sit and have a slower coffee experience, with an opportunity to ask your barista questions.

I noticed the sign for the new Roastery-exclusive cold brew drink:

20160912_183812 sign for the cranberry snap cold brew


The barista combines a ginger syrup (made by Liber & Co) with cold brew and cranberry juice:

20160912_184501 garlic syrup for cranberry snap drink

Next, the cranberry juice, ginger syrup and cold brew gets a nice shake. Ian can shake it like you wouldn’t believe!

20160912_184542 Ian shakes the cranberry snap cold brew drink

Finally, the Cranberry Snap Cold Brew gets a little orange zest at the end:

20160912_184622 orange zest

And then you have the final drink!

20160912_184652 final cranberry snap cold brew beverage

20160912_184722 final cranberry snap cold brew

This drink was a Roastery partner creation.

What do I think? Well, it’s a fun drink. The ginger is a very powerful flavor, and so the coffee flavors of the cold brew are muted and a bit overpowered by the flavor of ginger. I’m not the biggest fan of ginger and generally speaking, I enjoy a more coffee-foward flavor to my drinks, but I definitely think this will have its fans.

It would have been great fun (hypothetically speaking) to have tried this a little early with the partner who created it and to hear a little bit of her story behind the inspiration.

Even if you can’t try this at the Roastery, it might be something that will inspire you to get creative with your cold brew at home! You can get creative with your cold brew in so many ways. The Roastery also offers a Cold Brew Malt, which is another idea for you to try at home. For a while Roy Street was offering their cold brew blended with a Pina Colada syrup. Let me suggest all of these past StarbucksMelody stories:

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Starbucks Cold Brew pitcher packs (these are currently still at Starbucks and are a super easy way to make cold brew at home)

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There are so many things you can do with cold brew!