For this episode of Starbucks #throwbackThursday, I’m taking you back to lessons on how to grind coffee beans, as taught in 1989.

Last year, I wrote an article about a 1989 Starbucks training book which I acquired via eBay. Here’s the first article:

Starbucks Training Booklet – 1989

There were readers who wanted to see more of this booklet. Let’s take a look at how Starbucks taught grinding in 1989. Take a close look at the section telling the reader not to grinding flavored coffee, with the exception of Starbucks New Orleans Blend!!


New Doc 167_1 - 1989 Starbucks training book page 1 of grinding

New Doc 167_2 1989 training book - grinding 2

New Doc 167_3 1989 booklet - grinding 3

New Doc 167_4 1989 booklet grinding 4