20161004_121219[1] Logo on the 4th avenue entrance of Starbucks store number 101So you think you have amassed a lot of Starbucks trivia over the years? Try this quiz! Don’t be alarmed if a few questions stump you! The questions are in no particular order. If you can ace this, you are a Starbucks historian.

Twenty five expert-level questions start right now:


1. What does the phrase “2000 by 2000” mean in relationship to Starbucks?

a. It is the dimensions for the forthcoming Shanghai Roastery – 2000 feet by 2000 feet.

b. It’s a saying to remember that the address of the first Starbucks was 2000 Western Avenue, in Seattle.

c. It’s a 1990s-era business goal to open 2000 Starbucks stores by the year 2000.

d. It’s a grading scale to measuring roast profiles from lightest to darkest – the darkest coffees are 2000 x 2000.

2. What was Starbucks Caffè Verona really blended to pair with?

a. A lovely chocolate torte.

b. An Irish whiskey.

c. Pumpkin Pie.

d. A Tiramisu dessert.

3. What month and year was the Starbucks eggnog latte introduced?

a. October 2001.

b. November 2008.

c. December 1996.

d. October 1986.

4. Who were the 3 original founders of Starbucks?

a. Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl

b. Howard Behar, Orin Smith, and Michelle Gass

c. Howard Schultz, Cliff Burrows, and Joe Thornton

d. Erin Shane, Linda Mills, and Sanja Gould

5. The original logo for Starbucks had what in its name? Finish this phrase: “Coffee, tea, and …”

a. Sundries

b. biscuits

c. almonds

d. spices

6. If you are an employee of Starbucks, what does Starbucks call you?

a. Team Member

b. Coffee Yogi

c. Partner

d. Coffee Guru

7. The first Starbucks to open outside of North America opened where?

a. London, England

b. Paris, France

c. Singapore

d. Tokyo, Japan

8. In what city did the first Starbucks open up?

a. Seattle, Washington

b. Portland, Oregon

c. Chicago, Illinois

d. Long Beach, California

9. How much would a pound of Starbucks Sumatra set you back in June 1971?

a. $4.50

b. $3.22

c. $7.99

d. $1.75

10. What year was Yukon Blend first introduced into the Starbucks whole bean coffee lineup?

a. 1971

b. 2008

c. 1988

d. 1990

11. When did Starbucks first begin serving espresso beverages inside their stores?

a. June 1992, when the company went public on Wall Street.

b. April 1971, shortly after the company first opened.

c. April 1984, as a test at Fourth and Spring Starbucks in downtown Seattle.

d. September 1982, the month that Howard Schultz started at Starbucks.

12. Which famous restaurateur did Starbucks team up with to create Thanksgiving Blend?

a. Pascal Rigo

b. Paula Deen

c. Mick McHugh

d. Tom Douglas

13. Which of these is not a Starbucks coffee blend of yesteryear, no longer being produced:

a. White Arrow Coffee Blend

b. Serenade Blend

c. Viennese Blend

d. Light Note Blend

14. Starbucks currently operates one store in the United States which is sometimes called a “stealth Starbucks” or an “unbranded Starbucks”. It’s a store that doesn’t have a Starbucks menu (in terms of either beverage or food), baristas wear a dress code even more relaxed than in stores, offers beer and wine, and doesn’t have a Starbucks logo hanging anywhere in the windows. What is this “stealth Starbucks” called?

a. Beacon Hill Coffee and Tea House

b. Downtown Coffee Tree House

c. Mt. Rainier Coffee and Tea

d. Roy Street Coffee and Tea

15. What was the special ingredient once found in the now-discontinued Starbucks New Orleans Blend?

a. Cinnamon

b. Chicory

c. Sage

d. Crystallized honey

16. Fall Blend and Thanksgiving Blend are the same thing:

a. True

b. False

17. Holiday Blend and Christmas Blend are the same thing:

a. True

b. False

18. How many Starbucks stores were there when Howard Schultz was hired into the company in September 1982?

a. 15

b. 5

c. 2

d. 29

19. What was “Chantico”?

a. A whole bean coffee blend, discontinued in 1997.

b. A gourmet drinking chocolate once offered in Starbucks stores.

c. A store design, featuring shipping container Starbucks stores.

d. The flavor of a Starbucks ice cream, long since discontinued.

20. If someone walked into a Starbucks today and tried to order the beverage, “Tiazzi” what would they be asking for?

a. A shot of espresso with almond syrup drizzled over it.

b. It’s just another name for a Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade.

c. A blended juiced tea in either Wild Berry or Mango Citrus flavors.

d. A hot mocha with caramel drizzle walls inside the cup.

21. What was the name of the first bottled Starbucks beverage to be sold inside grocery stores?

a. Mazagran.

b. Decaf Iced Mocha.

c. Bottled Vanilla Frappuccino.

d. Bottled Cold Brew.

22. If you walked into a Starbucks in 1990, what would be the only three syrups offered in stores?

a. Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Cinnamon.

b. Raspberry, Vanilla, and Orange.

c. Vanilla, Toffee Nut, and Pecan.

d. Almond, Vanilla, and Hazelnut.

23. What is the name of the size of hot drink cup that still exists but is not listed on the menu boards?

a. Tiny

b. Solo

c. Pinch

d. Short

24. Name some coffees which include Aged Sumatra as a component:

a. Thanksgiving Blend and Verona

b. Yukon Blend, Spring Blend, and Breakfast Blend

c. Anniversary Blend, Christmas Blend, and Reserve Christmas Blend

d. Italian Roast and French Roast

25. Which famous person did Starbucks partner with to open (ultimately) a total of 105 Starbucks stores, with a 50 – 50 shared ownership?

a. Tom Douglas

b. Magic Johnson

c. Kenny G

d. Russell Wilson

Bonus question:

26. If you heard someone talking about Starbucks Blue Anchor Coffee, what are they referring to?

a. A subsidiary Starbucks company that existed in 1977 to offers Starbucks-roasted coffees to grocery stores.

b. A special blend of coffee offered only in East Coast Starbucks stores.

c. A coffee available only from 1991 to 1994, where a portion of the proceeds went to an ocean preservation non-profit.

d. A test chain of co-branded Starbucks stores in San Francisco from 1997 – 2002, offering food and coffee.

(Yes, the bonus question is super hard.)

I strongly suggest you check your answers! You can check your answers by clicking here, and entering the password “Red Cups.” Please do not post the answers in the comments.

I want to know how many you got right!